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    I went to a buddies place tonight...bad service there so the phone died in a few hours. I realize my phone won't turn on... I've been charging it two hours now. It still won't do anything. Sometimes, it shows me a picture of a lightning bolt with a battery under it. Then it also shows a white power plug at times as well...

    I have pulled the battery twice already.

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    Have you got another battery to try, your battery might have died.
    Is the icon completely white when charging or is there some red in it?
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    Are you using the Palm charger? You should be able to let it charge for a little while and it should turn itself on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrHeathenScum View Post
    let it charge for a little while and it should turn itself on.
    I think you have overlooked the 2 hours part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    I think you have overlooked the 2 hours part.
    yeah, I missed that! I edited my post to reflect my ability to read.
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    is plugged into the wall? or the computer?

    if it's the computer than try the wall, if it's the wall then... I'm not sure..
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    If you still don't get it resolved after using the Palm brand A/C charger with the Palm brand usb cord (the one with the silver tabs) then you may have to take it back to the store. Good luck and let us know the outcome.
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    Take the battery out and replace it, then plug it in. You then should be able to turn it on and charge.
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    I let it on all night and it came back on. The key for me was that I finally plugged directly into the phone instead of using the touchstone. It wouldn't come on or make a noise so I had no idea if it was charging. Even plugged in, you can't turn the phone on when it dies like that!

    I learned a lesson today because that makes the phone unusable for hours!
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    That happened to me when my phone died completely, the TS would not let me turn it back on, but the moment I plugged it into the A/C charger it let me turn it back on and charge it. Wish I would have seen your post sooner, I would have said something =/ - I think that it's just a TS issue
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    I had the same thing happen also. The old battery went kaput and would not charge, TS or plugged in. The only solution was a new battery. And the local sprint store was cool enough to just give me one off of a phone in the back - no charge.
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    Yes when in doubt directly connect it to the wall with the OEM charger.. I had gotten stuck that way before, the phone using power faster then it could charge so everytime it would start up (the power it takes to start up) reduced my battery back to a level it normally would be off.. vicious cycle indeed.
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    I still never understood why the phone takes a lifetime to start and also why it just totally dies when it gets to 20%. Whats up with that?
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    The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My battery drained overnight, so I put it on the TS in the morning ... nothing! No screen of any kind. I tried messing with it (buttons, battery, etc) ... still nothing. So, I left it on the TS for a couple of hours ... nothing. I messed with it a little bit more ... nothing, at first. This time when I put it back on the TS, I got the HUGE battery icon. Finally, a response. After that, it charged normally. (I can't remember if I ever tried plugging it in instead of using the TS.)

    I have learned my lesson. I will never let my Pre drain down like that again. As gblack mentioned, it makes the phone totally unusable for HOURS!

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