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    I tried searching for a bit but didn't find a solution to my issue. So I have decided to buy an HTC Evo (don't throw rocks [ducks]) tomorrow and I was wondering whether it was possible to use my Sprint Pre on Wifi? Also, if so, would it be possible for me to be able to update the OS to a later version by waiting for the new version of the WebOS doctor on later updates. I would love to continue using my Pre for certain apps (facebook) and just because I love WebOS very much.

    Any solutions? Thanks in advance guys.
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    as far as I know pre on wifi is very much a possibility. The updatesare a go too. And there is lots of support to be found check internals

    check this for lots of ways to bypass any potential activation issues post upgrade.

    Patch webOS Bypassing Activation - WebOS Internals
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    Wow...i never thought of this. Just using the phones Wifi with no actual cell phone carrier service. So tech you can still stay connected (as long as you're in Wifi area) via internet. Someone check this out, I just think it would be cool if that was possible. Anyone with a spare phone in there house willing to transfer there Pre number to it and then try the Wifi only. I would try it but no extra phone. Someone try and post result.
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    I think a WebOS based PDA would be a very nice option to the iPod touch.
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    Yes, I am currently using my old Sprint Pre as a stand-alone WiFi device. There are some limitations, like it won't access the App Catalog, but there ways around that.

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    I am from Australia and on a 2 1/2 month tour (Feb-May) of Japan, Europe and US (including Germany where my Pre was "born") I used wifi nonstop as the global GSM card didn't work (I had another phone with that inside). Hotels (especially in USA), breakfast rooms, coffee places, and MacDonalds were good for free wifi. I did the 1.3.5 upgrade to 1.4.1 in Austria.
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    i am planning on shutting off my phones radio before activation of my new phone, i think theres a patch that keeps the radio off even after a reset. my hope is that my palm profile stays in tact and i still get access to the apps i bought.

    any thoughts ?
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    Thanks guys. I will give this a try this weekend and post back my findings. Blubble is also doing the same thing and he pointed me towards using the palm method of bypassing the initial startup screen. Unfortunately, you cannot use the app catalog using that method because it makes your phone into a dev phone. Does anyone know if using the metadoctor will also cause the app catalog to not work? Thanks.
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    My Sprint service was cancelled back in November. I've been using it since then as a wifi device. I have full access to the App Catalog, the Update app, and pretty much everything else. Obviously, you can't make phone calls though... I also can't access Sprint TV.

    If you already have service on your Pre, you don't have to do anything to keep using it. It will continue to function once it loses service. I keep mine in Airplane Mode with wifi on to maximize battery life.

    The only time you have to use Meta Doctor is whe something gets messed up (such as a failed WebOS update). With Meta Doctor, you can skip the initial First Use app and have it be in the Launcher. Once you get back into your Pre, turn on wifi, open the First Use app and sign into your Palm Profile. Everything wil be restored and you'll be ready to go. I've had to Meta Doctor my Pre a few times since I like modding a little too much lol, and have not had any issues getting my Pre functional again.

    I will repeat: You will still have access to the App Catalog and be able to buy apps. It is safe to run the Update app when a new version of WebOS becomes available.

    If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. I have a lot of experience using a Pre as a PDA.
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    I agree with everthing you just said. I've been doing the same and more for going on a year now.
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    So just cancel your service, airplane mode for battery management, and you have a functional Wifi/PDA device. Everything works except phones calls and maybe Sprint TV. I'm really thinking of this becayse I use about 85% of this phone on Wifi only, 10% evo using Pandora on my commute, 5% on actual calls. I text but that's usually over IM'ing. I'm going to try this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    I think a WebOS based PDA would be a very nice option to the iPod touch.
    Maybe HP was thinking the same thing?

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