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    So I went to palm from blackberry let me tell what a change from bb os 5 to webos lol sadly i havent been home to get on my wifi yet and need to do the upgrade to 1.4.1 well thats as long as i can still root that update. any how my issue is that when i try to download something in the app catalogue it tells me app catalog unavailable try again later and i have a data pack good for 1 gb and im with bell any help will be greatly apreciated
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    Hi pumba11 and welcome to the P|C forums and your new addiction!

    The issue you are experiencing with the app catalog is due to the fact that you haven't updated your OS to the new version (1.4.1). Once you update (which you should be able to do over your phone's data plan with no problem), your app catalog will work for you. Congrats on the great choice you made moving up to experience Palm's webOS! You're going to LOVE it.
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    Just guessing, but it may be because it needs to update. I think you should be able to update over EVDO. Is it not working?
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    I think maybe you should update lol, 2 Moderators cant be wrong
    And the response time was impeccable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lutro0 View Post
    I think maybe you should update lol, 2 Moderators cant be wrong =D
    LOL... or it could mean twice as wrong
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    Well lets just hope thats not the case.
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    Maybe the update to 1.4.1 might work oh! wait....I guess I'm late.

    Welcome to PreCentral and the world of webOS.
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    hey buy the way you can call me darcie rather than pumba1239. i have tried to do the update ota but it says that i am roaming which im not cause im in the area where my number is accioated with. so when i get back to my house ill do it over the wifi network at home. as for liking webos i do like it already. like i said hopefully once the update is done then i can root it and do the over clocking to make the ol girl a little faster.
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    LOL.. no problem. If you want to be called that, I might suggest making a signature line saying "call me Darcie".

    Once you get the phone updated you will be able to do a lot of stuff on your phone! Enjoy, and don't be afraid to ask questions as you go!
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    BTW Darcie, We don't like to call it rooting because it is simpler and is hard to brick your phone. We call any changes or tweaks to the OS patches, and Over-clocking is done OTA through and app and a kernel. You will likely never need to hook up to a computer after you install Preware.
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    hahaha, well i just got home, reason why i say call me darcies cause its my real name lmao. anyhow im conected to wifi and downloading the new update, so ill soon be doing all that good stuff. just nervous about bricking it, i have jail broken peoples ipod touchs and iphones but first time for another type of device.
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    welcome to the family!
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    thanks bulls very much glad to be here
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    and like everyone else is saying getting access to our phones is a whole lot simpler than anything iRelated. And you wont have to worry about any updates ruining anything, palm doesnt work that way and actually embrace the homebrew community. Once you have your patches just do your update and go into preware to update all your patches. Its really that simple. One word of caution is the only thing i think you are supposed to un-install before and ota update is any overclocking patches
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    i dont have any patches installed yet im doing the 1.4.1 upgrade first which i seem to have issues with telling me its having issues validating
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    once you get this sorted out (i'll let more experienced users give the advice), download the bell app. It lets you keep track of your minutes, data, texts, monthly bill. I use to never pay my bills, and go over my minutes every month... Problem solved..
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    whats that have to do with my update not working lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by pumba1239 View Post
    whats that have to do with my update not working lol
    nothing, just wanted to let you know about it since you are a bell user.. The best thing to do is to call palm..
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    oh ok man, yeah still wont let me update, i wonder if palm support is open at 12 16 am lol
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    You could always simply Doctor the device directly to the newest OS version.
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