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    Darcie... got your PM... try following these directions to get your computer to recognize the PRE:

    To put your phone in recovery mode:

    1. Connect the USB cable to the AC charger, and plug the AC charger into a working outlet.
    2. If you can, turn off your phone.
    3. Press and hold the volume up button and connect the USB cable to the phone.
    4. Power on the phone while holding the volume UP button
    5. Release the volume up button when the screen showing the large USB icon appears.

    6. Connect your phone to your computer. The Next button becomes available.
    7. Click Next to continue with webOS Doctor.
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    Its working now at 12% last time i checked
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    thanks again, i was getting frustrated lol.
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    No problem... It's a nice change to be the solution for a person instead of the cause of the frustration

    Once you are all done with Doctoring, your device will be ready to use the App Catalog, webOS QuickInstall, and Preware. Yay!
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    Hate to spoil it for you but im a guy not a girl lol i know youd think that i was cause of the spelling
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    Call me Darcie, Its my name.
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    LOL ... too funny... I know several Darcie's - 2 of them close female cousins, so I just assumed since that's who I know!

    Did you get the Doctor to finish yet? Once you do, then try accessing the App Catalog and let me know if it works
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    Welcome, welcome! The other thing to remove before you do an OTA update is a theme if you choose to install one. Let us know what you think after you've played with your phone for a while...assuming you can put it down long enough to post...
    Blaize, Mistress of Verbosity

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    thanks blaize, I cant put it down now as it is lmao, its ok HelloNNNewman i get that alot from people if they dont know me personally lol. doctor is finished and now im just doing the install for webos quickinstall and that jazz
    Call me Darcie, Its my name.
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    Good deal... as Blaize said.. when the next update comes out, be sure to uninstall your themes if you put any on. You won't need to do anything with patches as those will be OK. If your device ever gets a little screwy, you will be able to run the Repair Utility to check for issues - and in worse case scenario, go back and visit the Doctor.

    Enjoy all the new toys Preware will bring!
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