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    I'm new on the site and I got the Palm Pre Plus. I want to know if anyone know where can I get Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo!Messenger on my Palm Pre Plus?
    Thanks for your help.

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    yahoo is already available

    for windows live check this thread

    most recent version is on page 20 its version 2.3
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    that is a terrific, comprehensive, helpful reply.

    good job.
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    Hey, Keep the pace with the new and latest version of Yahoo Messenger form trustdownload.
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    I downloaded all the the stuff and it has all the different IM clients on the "add an account" page on my phone. Windows live says "could not connect to the server." I tried Windows Live on my computer and it connected fine. I checked and rechecked my username. I then tried it without the and it just gave me "username or password is incorrect."

    I also tried to do facebook and that said my username or password was incorrect as well. I used the username on my account settings and the right password.

    I did try yahoo messenger and that worked fine.

    Sorry if any of this was already answered on the 50 pages of this thread...

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    Try the mundu I'm app it's 1.99 and works well first release was crap but now it works well

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    If you have Verizon, you will need to use Mundu or Agile Messenger in order to get Yahoo. I have tried both and prefer Agile.

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    gracias por el aporte

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