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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for help for a strange question I have,

    basically..... can you install apps on a palm pre/pixi without service?

    I do not own a palm pre/pixi. I make flashcards on my desktop computer (Windows 7) with the software "Study Prof." Study Prof has an app for the palm pre/pixi. However, no app for the iphone. To input my flashcards to my iphone I have to copy and paste into "Anki," (a flashcard app for the iphone). This is an extremely time consuming process!

    I was wondering if it it's possible to install applications and update them on a palm pre/pixi without service? ie. does palm have a .exe program for the computer similar to itunes where all I would need is a user login/name that would allow me to download this to my phone?

    I would like to buy a broken palm pre/pixi off ebay if this is possible to use as an electronic notecard device.

    If this is not possible, would it be possible to have another person install the application, and then once it is installed THEN I could update the program with all the new flashcards I continually make?

    The computer program I use has "Palm phone sync" option which makes me believe that as long as the app is already installed I should be able to use continually synce my phone EVEN WITHOUT SERVICE?

    Thanks very much, this would save me days!
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    im not sure but i would think so.. as long as u have wifi to download the app..palm app store isnt through anyone but palm so wifi should be good enough.
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    There is an application for your computer that you can run called MetaDoctor that has steps to allow you to set up your device to bypass the activation screen and use on wifi. You should check that out, read through the directions and see if it meets your needs
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    I'm not sure how helpful this is, but i recently got an unlocked palm pre from ebay, the german one, and when i tried it with an AT&T sim everything worked smooth except for the App store, it always gives me an error. when i read around about this issue i was found out that it needed a german sim, at least for the first run. So i'm not sure if it will work or not as it seems from my experience that the app store looks for a country through your sim and based on that opens up the app store for you for that country, without an active sim or service you may fall under the same problem.
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    Thanks very much guys. Extremely helpful. I guess to be safe I will have the the seller of whatever Pre I buy on eBay download the app for me just in case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruinsbase View Post
    Thanks very much guys. Extremely helpful. I guess to be safe I will have the the seller of whatever Pre I buy on eBay download the app for me just in case.
    i don't think this will work for you because most likely if they are selling you the phone the will get rid of the installed aps with at least a full erase if not a full visit to the doctor -- the only way they could download an ap and leave it on the phone is if they left their palm profile active on the phone and i doubt that most people would do that
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    I guess I will try the meta then.

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