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    I have the opportunity to switch to the Pixi Plus from the Pre Plus, I was wondering what the spec differences are. Is the camera quality okay? Does anyone have any samples.
    How's the stability overall? Should I even do it?
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    pixi is slower.. I like the look of pixi more but I can't deal with a slower phone
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    You should play with the Pixi and see how you like it. The camera is not as good from what I've heard and as you know the screen is a bit smaller, but some people prefer the form factor which is obviously a very subjective thing.
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    less memory, can't run mhs. Other than that, fantastic.
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    coming from the centro, I was lining the pixi form factor but I needed the pre plus specs for work.
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    Thank you all for your replies, what exactly is MHS?
    Does anyone have any sample shots?
    Main Things:
    - Decent Camera
    - It can keep up
    - Media
    - Battery Life
    - Call quality
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    The camera is a mega pixel smaller. The Pre Plus has a 3mp camera and the Pixi Plus has a 2mp camera. As for battery life standard use is going to be about the same as they both get 350 hours standby time. The Pre plus is going to have a little more talk time as it is sitting at 330 minutes versus the Pixi at 312. Media playback is going to be the same except on the Pixi Plus you are looking at a smaller screen. The Pre Plus runs a screen at 3.1" versus the Pixi coming in at a smaller size of 2.63". I'm not sure how call quality can be any different on any model as they are both using the same "guts."
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    Does anyone have any test shots?
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    I wouldn't judge my decision off of shots. I would go test the phones.
    My personal choice (and is) the Pre, just because its faster, (slightly) bigger screen, better camera (believe it or not i do like to not carry around an additional camera and snap pictures all the time).
    It just seems like the better phone to me.
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