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    I cannot get music off of my phone. i read the help section on music, it said to plug it in as usb device and you will see a music folder. Go to it and delete the songs you don't want. I synced mine with itunes a while back, before they cut us off and now the music does not show up on the disk to represent the drive, but it is on the phone, taking up app space. Any suggestions?
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    iTunes uses their own format when stored in the Pre. You can only delete all itunes folders called "iPod_control"; then transfer mp3 files you want to your Pre.

    Make sure, if using a PC, that you select to show all hidden files; otherwise you cannot see these hidden folders/files.

    If you still want to use iTunes...use version 9.0.1, I did and it's easy to synch.
    iTunes 9.0.1 Download for Windows & Mac [Direct Download Link]

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