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    The folling is from my phone call with palm today that lasted an hour. My profile had a problem and we trouble shooted the pdf problem. My work uses an older program to run dispatch. The program is using acrobat 4.0 and is very expensive to upgrade. I believe the acrobat part is built in. Service calls are sent with a PDF attachment, my PDF will not open from this 10 year old program.

    So HEY PALM I NEED ACROBAT 4.0 SUPPORT PLEASE !!!!!!!!! Lots of business need this. Our program cost the company $30,000 10 years ago. It isnt cheap to just keep trowing money at software that already works except for PDF format being a little old. GEEEZE

    They went all the way down to 5.0 why not the rest?
    the following is from support.

    Just for added info, I think you have encountered this error message when opening up a PDF file on the Pre, either obtained thru USB sync or attachments from email messages,

    PDF View has encountered an error. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Tell Dataviz you want a webos fix JUST ENTER EMAIL

    Error message:
    Render document failed

    After testing several sample files there could be some other PDF Producers that are still not supported but so far the ones below are tested to work as simulated on a Pre with 1.1.0 software version.

    > acrobat distiller 8.0.0. (mac)
    > acrobat distiller 7.0.5 (mac)
    > acrobat distiller 7.0 (windows)
    > acrobat distiller 5.0.5 (windows)

    > ovis pdf-office by Universe Software

    note : PDF files without PDF Producers will also work as simulated....

    Thank you for your support of Palm products.

    Its gotten worse sept 14th
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    Sounds like you got farther than me with support. I got the same error trying to open the Palm Pre User Guide from Palm's web site. The "specialist" told me that the file was created with a program that produces a file that can't be read on the phone. They could not tell me what program created the file. I don't care about the user guide, I just wanted to know why the document won't render.
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    my 8300 blackberry worked just fine with ALL pdf files. At least it opened them.
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    worst is when it opens the pdf..and then it freezes and you have to close and reopen the app
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    I have occasional problems with PDF files as well.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Why do I fear this wont be fixed. All I am aasking for is older adobe 4.0 distiller be supported.

    Is it that hard to support the older ones viz does on the BB.
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    Crystal Reports XI rendered PDF files appear to be a big FAIL as well.

    This has been a big time waster for me because I have to go through all these workarounds to make these files readable on the pre.
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    I don't think it is reasonable to expect them to go to a lot of trouble to support software versions that are 10 years old. If it works, fine, but if not, you need to get updated software. I don't think a lot of people are still making documents in Acrobat 4.0, percentage wise.

    I know our phones are doing more and more for us, but sometimes you just have to use your computer.
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    Thanks alot for your support.

    My dispatch at work is using a 30k dollar program to run the business. Updates are expensive!!!!!!!!! The program wraps the service call up into pdf format and emails as an attachment.

    ITS NOT ASKING ALOT, to get someone at data viz or Palm to port the 4.0 support to this viewer. Blackberrys or Data viz documents to go in the blackberry supports new and old versions of PDF files.

    So, we are really talking about business here buddy. Not a personal preferance or economical work around in the real world of small business. If you people want to keep promoting Palm phones as smart for business then act like it please. No excuses!

    Oh and BTW PDF attachments from a 2005 canon copier uses version 7 or something. The phone acts like it wants to glitch on it but allows me to open the PDF and view multi pages. Sometimes locking up. The fact of the matter is the PDF viewer in this phone is discusting and deserves a real fix and update. Not another excuse.

    Put your email in and let them know you want action! Not excuses.
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    I agree. If Palm or Dataviz won't do it, maybe a company like :: products could make an app that works with reading PDF files. Good Reader is a great app for iPhone and iPad. As far as I know, iPhone did not originally come with an app to read to give Palm some credit, they do have a built-in PDF reader, though apparently does not support all PDFs. Now iPad's built-in iBook app now supports PDFs as well. Maybe we can convince Good Reader to make an app for the Palm Pre as well....
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    Bumped again because it still sucks!
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    Motorhead777, I've been pestering my Palm contacts about this problem too, and not getting any response (yet)...

    I find it hard to believe I can't open the Palm Pre Plus User Guide, from on my Pre!!

    I will keep trying...

    Pre2/3/TouchPad, and TouchDroid user.
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    well, I didn't have this issue till this last update, and now basically my pdf viewing capabilities are hosed. I love webOs but...if things don't improve soon with simple, basic functionality, I feel like android will be back in my life. Come on Palm/HP give us some hope and whatever you push out next, let it be fully baked when it goes out the door.
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    The only PDFs I have come across as unreadable are the Palm user guides.

    My phone reads Blackberry user guides really well though
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    +1 - PDF support sucks on Palm Pre (minus) - even really simple text-based ones
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    I have PDFs on my Pre that worked just fine until the last update and now they all fail to render. The funny this is that some of them will open and I can go a page or two and then get the fail to render message.

    Very frustrating when a smartphone can't do basic smartphone things.......
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    Ditto with jaybert... I had a bunch of PDF's on my pre that worked fine until one of the last updates. The files have not changed, but now some fail to render instantly, other fail after trying to zoom in twice.

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    Having the same problem, plus after I get that error I cannot scroll the pdf page that lists what files I have. My wish for updates would be to able to delte pdfs from the phone.
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    Has anyone with the 1.4.5 update seen any improvement in pdf rendering?
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    mine is worse. can't scroll through files to select ones lower down the list. sux.
    Palm prē-ist.
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