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    ok so i had to restart my pre today with a full erase, when i logged back in to my profile my themes were still there :S but no preware and i cant access dev mode using the upup ect code, i cant connect to webosdoctor and i can connect to quick install anyone else had this issue, ive tried doing full erase every time and it still wnt let me access dev mode

    please help
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    try webos20090606 for dev mode.
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    type "webos20090606" and the dev mode icon will pop up. From there you will be able to install QuickInstall and Preware...

    Edit: @Achill3s, you type faster than I do! LOL
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    And then look here for instruction to install QI, and then use QI to install Preware...
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    yer for some strange reason that wont work either :S is it all lower case letters than numbers?
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    ok guys i sorted it i had to delete the back uped files and full erase again wen it loaded no patches were there and i could view dev mode once again
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    Can you describe how the webos doctor could not connect to the Pre? Have you tried using the steps below:
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