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    I need to exchange my pre and i think i should prob remove preware before i bring it to sprint. Is this correct? I have tried searching but could not find a definitive answer.
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    It's always a safe bet to remove anything that is not "official" when returning/exchanging your Pre.
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    i had to send my pre back to palm after i got the cracked screen everyone was talking about... got it back with no preware on it lolz =]
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    should i just dr it?
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    I also just had my launch day pre exchanged for a cracked screen. I did the full erase option from the launcher instead of running the Doc on it.
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    I would doctor or full-erase, for sure.
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    I have done it both ways and haven't had any issues with Sprint. Speaking of exchanging pre's, I'm about to have #4.
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    I have returned 3 Pre's mostly for the headset mode issue. I never removed any patches, Preware, themes or any other personal changes. They never questioned anything and that was 2 different stores as well. One of many reasons I am sticking with Sprint.
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    my experience is also that you dont have to take it off. very early on i had to get a replacement for phone issues and i was worried about homebrew stuff so i took it all off, when i was talking to the guys at the store they said "oh that wasn't neccessary. we expect people to use that stuff"
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    Yeah, the first time I exchanged I forgot to take my patches or preware off. The Sprint Store rep looked at my phone and said "you've got alot of patches on here, I like that!" and then promptly set my exchange up without any issues. I did make sure to take mobile hotspot off this time, though. Don't wanna push it.
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    The only thing I'd be sure to take off would be any kernals if you have overclocked it.

    When exchanging a device, it is also a good thing to perform a Secure Erase on the device and not Doctor it. The Doctor will not delete your USB files in case you have anything on there you don't want to share.

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