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    I have been searching for about an hour, and have been unable to find an answer ...

    My boss's wife broke the screen to her Pre. So, to do anything with it (until the replacement is received), I have to use the keyboard. I managed to force it into USB mode to copy all of the info off of it using grey/sym/U (Thanks PreCentral). However, I can't seem to find a way to turn it off using the keyboard (the power button was crushed as well).

    I would prefer to not leave the battery off because it will probably get lost (I know how this woman operates). Does anyone know if you can at least turn off the phone using the keyboard?
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    You can reset by doing Orange + SYM + R... but that won't leave it OFF.

    I have never heard of a shortcut key for a straight power off. Sorry. :/
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    option+Sym+R will reboot it... Yank the battery after about 4 seconds. If you put the battery back in, it should stay off.
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    the reset action & removing battery worled great. If you find a keep board short please share!
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    shutdown -P now

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