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    Anyone else notice that it appears Facebook no longer shows the "via Facebook for Palm webOS" and now just says "via Facebook Mobile"? I also noticed a friends posts still say "via Facebook for iPhone" so it appears Facebook no longer considers Palm products worthy of note
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    It may have more to do with the issue of "via Facebook for WebOS" posts not showing in people's mobile feeds than with Facebook making some broad decision about the "worthness" of Palm.
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    I wonder if this is controlled by Facebook or by the Facebook app. I doubt FB is questioning WebOS not being worthy. In any case, I liked the "via Facebook for Palm webOS" tag...
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    Posted to FB from my app on my Pre this AM and it has the via "Palm webOS" branded link under it.

    It must be you!
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    Works fine here. It has to be a Wall post on another person's wall or a status update on your own. If you, for example, comment on a previous post, it will not sign it as 'palm webos'. Also if you don't use the actual Facebook app (as in you go to your browser) it will sign it as mobile web, either from or (

    One thing I just noticed today is that now I get redirected to the touch website when I actually try to go to the original website (as in the one that you would go to on a PC).

    Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook app as well. You can do this by manually looking for updates (it's for the apps as well as the OS)
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    If its just words in your update it will label it with the Palm logo, it its a pic or video etc... then just Facebook Mobile... which seemed to have changed from the last FB App update...

    I believe its the App that labels it... not FB themselves... I could be mistaken though...
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    I uploaded an image and it didn't say webOS. I then looked back and there was another I had uploaded a few days ago that was also void of any note of webOS. If I look back to older uploaded images they all state they were uploaded via webOS.
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    3 hours ago via FacebookŪ for Palm webOS
    Says mine
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    Mine has a tiny "palm" colored text, and "via FacebookŪ for Palm webOS". Are you using the app, or the mobile website?
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    you have to use the actual fb app
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    I still get it
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    But not for Pictures, confirmed, if you upload a pic from the app, it doesn't say anything
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    i uploaded pictures and videos last night and it works for me:
    FacebookŪ for Palm webOS

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    I hate that we can't choose which folder to upload the pictures in upon uploading -.-
    and it doesn't seem to tag the 'via webOS' part when I upload via the native photo app :/
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    Whenever you post a status message from the facebook app, it shows via webos. But when you comment on someone's status, it doesnt show it. Also, when you go on the browser and use the original facebook, it wont show it on either of them.
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    it's just a glitch that was confirmed by palm on their facebook page especially with the photos being labeled with the "Facebook for Palm WebOS" <---not suppose to happen at all they said even when uploaded via Facebook for Iphone it still says via Mobile
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    when i try to log into the facebook app it says Failed Login..... which is weird because i can log in using the web browser?
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    facebook decided that any mobile device when a photo is uploaded will say

    via facebook mobile

    the photo upload via facebook from Palm WebOS was a glitch.

    however whenever you post an update in ur fb app it says

    palm (orange logo) via facebook for Palm WebOS

    whenever you upload a video it says via facebook for Palm WebOS.

    Facebook should consider photos too....

    we should all email facebook and ask them for this. if it updates and videos work then so should photos.

    they said that any amobile device for photo upload will say via facebook mobile .... dont like that.

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