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    never had this problem before. installed the patch for landscape e-mail which had been on there once before, had worked. everything was fine for a day then all of a sudden my e-mail's stopped loading graphics. i just get the subject with a blank white area. i removed every e-mail related patch. not sure what's going on.
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    can't get any graphics or anything on web browser either. did emergency patch recovery in web os quick install. i have no clue what's going on.

    this is pretty dumb i'm doctoring my pre now. who do i even call who knows something about this?

    my phone company didn't tell me to doctor it it's just pretty annoying i have sprint unlimited data and it's not showing anything on the web at all. also it was doing this disconnect/reconnect from the 3G network over and over after i did emergency patch recovery.

    i've had a lot of time put into this phone trying to fix it since i bought it in mid april. that's neat it can tether but this is getting pretty annoying.
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    It can definitely get frustrating when you have an issue. You did the right thing in doctoring, that's the fastest way to fix an issue. Keep in mind that when you start patching, while it tends to be low-risk, you're moving outside the bounds of the experience Palm has designed.
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