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    I don't know how I managed that but webOSDoctor is unable to restore my Pre.
    I had several patches installed and, because I was unable to install greg roll's "Messaging Plugins", I wanted to restore my Pre by using the latest WebOSRepairUtility with Override compatibility enabled. It recovered successfully, all patches were gone but I was still unable to install the "org.webosinternals.messagingpatch_2.4.0_armv7.ipk" since it was still returning me the same error about a patch already being installed.

    So I decided to just wipe out all apps + data using the Pre's reset options and use the webOSDoctor to restore it for good. It seemed to go nicely in the beginning, no errors but at 4% it just didn't continue. The Pre just froze once it switched to the Palm logo and webOSDoctor shows that my phone is disconnected after a while (probably no response from the phone anymore and something like a timeout?).

    When I try to use my phone, obviously I have go through the first use app first, I have to set the language and "Setting language" and that "loading-circle". I did wait for it to finish about 15-20minutes and it was still on it, there must be something seriously wrong with my Pre ...

    It's a German GSM Palm Pre using the latest webOS (1.4.1) for Germany.
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    were you able to successfully connect to webos doctor in the beginning? Also have you tried older versions of webos doctor?
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    Yes, I can successfully connect my phone to webos doctor in the beginning.
    I tried to find older version of webos doctor but all the links seem to be down.
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    I went through something similar for hours upon hours. My fix for this problem is that I tried a different computer and it worked the first time.

    My advice is to try a different computer to doctor your pre.
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    Cheers, that worked out. Linux seems to work better and better with the time than windows ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by copystring View Post
    Cheers, that worked out. Linux seems to work better and better with the time than windows ...
    Linux always works better than W!ndows

    (Just look at WinMo vs webOS/Android)

    Yes, even on the Desktop.. hehehe

    Flame wars! Take cover!

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