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I just found this EXCELLENT review of the Palm Pre Plus, at the Top News Singapore, web site, (I have supplied the link below).

I think this is good news after so many of you got so upset, over what Mr. Hurd, meant or might have meant!

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Palm Pre Plus is the Revised Version of Palm Pre
Submitted by Jimmy Peterson on 2010, June 2 - 15:57

Palm Pre Plus is the Revised Version of Palm Pre | TopNews Singapore

After the much anticipated Palm Pre’s return to smartphone form witnessed a bubbled out in disappointment, the device is back as the Palm Pre Plus.

The revised and much improved version of Palm Pre has webOS operating system, which probably will turn up as a “major trump card”.

In terms of spontaneity and agreeable user experience, the device is truly good.

Palm Pre Plus is all about multitasking in a slick and easy-to-use way with the series of 'cards' which can be scrolled between, rearranged, and closed with a brush of finger.

It also makes setting up things like email accounts very easy. It displays an introductory video that makes the phone familiar to the users.

The devise makes it apparent why HP believed webOS was a major motive to invest $1.2billion in buying Palm.

One more noticeable feature in the Pre Plus is that it possesses an outstanding characteristic in a touch-responsive area below the screen. It is used for navigation gestures.

It is a good option “keeping the natural feel” of touch gesture controls without removing the need for physical buttons to return to the home screen.

Even the screen of Plus is perfect in quality as it has bright colors and sharp images, with 3.1inches display.