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    I've searched, but with the usual success using search with this board software... (none)

    I'm trying to sync iTunes with my Pre. Early enough version of iTunes that it should work. I also tried a couple of the recommended 3rd party software recommended by a couple of the PC magazines.

    The problem is that the connection will drop during a long sync, as if the USB cable is disconnected. I've tried two different cables (new) from Verizon, and different USB ports. Always the same result - a drop in the middle of the sync. When it drops, you can see the drive, but not the folders in windows explorer. iTunes comes up with the message "Palm Pre cannot be synced, the required file can not be found." I don't remember exactly what Saling software said, but in effect it decided that the Pre was disconnected.

    I also tried a hard reset on the Pre, with the same results.

    Palm support wasn't all that helpful on chat.

    Any clues?

    Media sync on the Pre, Acer One with XP home SP3, iTunes
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    sounds like it's getting stuck on a corrupted/incompatible source file. Have you tried removing whichever file it lists as not found from the sync list?
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    Good thought, but the drop totally random. I've gotten as far as 460 some files on one try, and as few as 2. This happens in both media sync and in USB modes. I even tried a drag and drop copy, and it dumped.

    The problem is not that it gets suck on a file on the PC, but rather that the folders on the Pre disappear - it looses the Pre. I can't even eject the Pre correctly.

    Thinking about this after the last post, I've used this PC to do a large transfer to an external backup drive, used a USB A-D converter for long sessions recording and editing wav files, and used the same USB port to burn DVDs using an external burner.

    Both Palm and Verizon say it can't be the phone. But given that other devices seem to work fine...

    I love the phone, but this is frustrating.

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