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    I live in Korea and use the Korean alphabet to text my friends here. I currently use a Cyon cell phone that has a Korean and English keyboard option. Does the PalmPre have a combination Korean/English keyboard available?
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    Nope. And I doubt palm will put that feature any time soon. If that's big deal for you, stay away from Palm.

    and currently I can't even play Korean mp3, it crashes my Pre Plus.
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    I'll bet there is another thread that addresses keyboard issues generally, but I'll jump on your bandwagon and ask for a traditional Chinese keyboard (phonetic, and changjie). I think you should search for the onscreen keyboard thread/dev and contact them as there might be real people who could help you in the homebrew world, but good luck getting anything from Palm.

    Also, will a GSM Pre work on Korean frequencies/ network protocols? I'm thinking not, you and Japan have your own systems?
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    There needs to be a patch for that!!

    If typing in Korean is important to you, Android phones are capable of doing it. Just have to install a free app from their app market.

    Warning: Sometimes Asian characters aren't translated well and will end up with weird square symbols to the recipient. Helio WAS a good alternative.

    Now only if there's a gostop game for Palm Pre... that'll make my phone complete!!
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    Yeah, I wish i can play gostop game on my Pre

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