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    How many replacements have you had for your Palm Pre/Pre Plus?

    Personally I'm on my 5th Verizon Pre Plus.

    1 - Oreo Effect
    2 - Double Type
    3 - Keyboard Backlight sucked
    4 - Oreo Effect, Double Type, Keyboard Backlight uneven, Screen had hotspots
    5 - Pretty good so far the only issue is the Keyboard Backlight is a little uneven but not replacement worthy.
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    A big fat 0 replacments for me.
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    On my second. First had the usb crack and was double typing. I could live with the typing but the crack had worked its way onto the screen. Replaced it and now I don't know how I dealt with the typing issue. The new one is great...
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    Still on my same Palm Pre.
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    I got the idea from the story on the front page saying 36% of Palm users would replace their phone.

    That is way to high of a number and proves that Palm really needs to make sure the hardware on the next device is solid because they lost a lot of support.
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    Big ZERO. still on my first sprint Pre.
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    Exchanged twice, still have few issues left with my current Palm Pre but I just learn how to work around it. Probably won't stay with Pre on my next upgrade.
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    Well I'm going to include the Pixi in this because it gets shown no love. And I went through 3 Pixis. The first one, I cracked the screen. And the last two had major software issues it seems. And now I have a Samsung Moment.
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    0 replacements here. I've dropped mine several times too... guess I'm just easy to please.

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    on my second and this one is starting to get glitchy i mite have over heated it is there a way to know or would the phone be bricked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    For me, I'm ok with it if VZ has to send me a new phone every month. But my current phone is perfect so I hope I don't drop it on a garage floor.

    Also, Thanks for starting this thread. It's the first time anyone has mentioned this...

    no this is not the first time but ok
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    My first pre, was Purchased on June 6, 2009.. It is nearing its first birthday. aww how cute!
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdeportez View Post
    no this is not the first time but ok
    It's like the sarcasm went right over your head.
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    not a single report of a truly bricked pre.check out webosdoctor...
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    It should be 0 - normal, 1- 6+ unlucky. Lol
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    Still on my first Pre from last July... almost a year, no problems.
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    Original pre for me too......had it since Sept...
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    I'm on my 5th
    1st cracked usb and power bottom went out
    2nd microphone wouldn't work
    3rd speaker phone went out
    4th don't remember
    and 5th seems ok so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by vbockius View Post
    Original pre for me too......had it since Sept...
    Off Topic... is that a Night Train in your avatar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vza33 View Post
    It should be 0 - normal, 1- 6+ unlucky. Lol

    Still on my original Pre.
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