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    the best phone I've spent $$ on ! ! !
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    1 replacement for me.

    1st: Dead speaker, oreo, power cutting when shut
    2nd: Dead keyboard backlight, dodgy speaker, paper used to fix stuck power button, paper wedged inside case to secure battery. O2 Ireland customer service too much of an ordeal to go through again for another replacement unless it fails completely (took a month with a ancient Nokia temp replacement and endless petty debating to get it replaced last time), so making do until the end of my contract.

    Despite the nice OS, this will probably be my last Palm product and my last O2 contract.

    Will never buy a phone that slides or flips open again - moving parts = unreliable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    according to the poll most people are still on there first pre so i guess it's not luck and the people who complain and get the replacements are either unlucky or just douchbags
    Yawn. Actually, 215 are on their first Pre, and 237 (so far) have needed at least one replacement. If you tot those multiple replacements up, you get a much larger number of faulty handsets than reliable ones.
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    My pre, bought on the day it first came out on Sprint, went out about a month ago with the "touches itself" problem. The successor, picked up at a Sprint store after paying $118 for a refurbished phone, had near to no sound coming out of the earpiece. The successor to that, mailed from Sprint, had no phone at all: it just clicked on both ends. The successor to that, picked up at the Sprint store, also didn't work. The successor to that, also from the Sprint store, cuts out on the internet connection, so much that it is near to useless (except as a basic cellphone). (This has all, start to current, been within the space of a month.)

    IOW, the refurbished phones aren't refurbished, or, at least, not successfully. I have been with Palm since the Pilot Plus, but have now had enough. I like WebOS, but like a fully functional unit even more. I'm going to try Android and the Samsung Epic. Maybe that actually works.
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    On my 2nd Pre. Got a warranty refurb from Palm at about 11 months (cracked USB port).
    The wifi on this one is crap and the screen has leakage on the bottom, but I figured it wasn't enough to nit pick.
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    I just ordered my 2nd replacement today.
    1st replacement: broke the screen by giving my car door a hip-check to close it.
    2nd: blown speaker.

    Due to my already exchanging a physically damaged phone, I wasn't able to go to a Bell Mobility store to have it sent in and repaired. I was told I had to go through the extended warranty people instead, which is fine with me as I will have my new phone in a matter of days as opposed to months. I will have to buy a third InvisiShield, as fun as they are to put on. At least I will have it put on immediately not like my other two.
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    Currently at 3 but we have two Pre's. So one was exchanged twice and one once.

    Funny story as the wife's pre had a broken volume button. Excellent refurb, no complaints.

    My pre had "lost" icons and a keyboard that wasn't picking up all the typed letters. Anyway, replaced that one with a refub that had no wi-fi and now I have one that seems pretty solid but has a weird feel where the front is bigger than the back. I know - strange, but a good phone. The funny part is that the "lost" icons was a profile thing and the phone really didn't need replaced anyway but Sprint couldn't figure that out, took Palm two weeks and 2 hours on the phone to figure it out. - But they did
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    So 53% of Pre users have had to have at least 1 replacement.
    37% of all Pre users have had to have 2 or more replacements.

    I find it unacceptable to have over 1/3 of users to have to have 2 or more replacements.
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    I had one replacement but it should be noted it was my fault it needed replacing.
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    I went through 3 blackberry curves in 2 years so I'm really hard on phones. Thankfully I'm at one month and nothing wrong with my Pre yet. (Knocks on wood)
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    So 53% of Pre users have had to have at least 1 replacement.
    37% of all Pre users have had to have 2 or more replacements.

    I find it unacceptable to have over 1/3 of users to have to have 2 or more replacements.
    what percent of total Pre owners are represented here? This is a self-selecting community and a self-selecting poll. You can imagine most are here to learn, and those with issues will gravitate to threads about problems.

    You can't argue that 53% of pre users had a replacement. You can argue that 53% of a self-selecting population and opened your thread and voted... have had a replacement.

    just to be clear.
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    There should be a button that takes into account user reasons for replacements.
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    1st replacement after 14 months
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    Still on number 1, going on 15 months now, wish my previous Blackberry and LG phones were as dependable as my Pre.
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    going on month 11, and still no problems. My one and only pre has been the most dependable phone I have owned!
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    I am on my 4th pre and my wife is also on her fourth pre. Between the two of us, we have experienced every known pre issue: usb crack, bad radio, no wifi, blurry screen, accelerometer broke, bad speaker, bad mic. Unacceptable, pathetic, and I can't believe we still use these little, black turds of power. I will be getting an EVO or Epic next week. Thank GOD!
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    Launch day Pre here.
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    My Palm pre touch screen had been disable a half touch digitizer. How I fix it?
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    one replacement: power button and usb door crack after about 11mo...I could've lived with it, but I wanted a "new" (refurb) pre. never understood how people could fly through them so quickly...
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    Don't get me wrong, I am sticking with the phone until the bitter end, but I have never experienced more hardware failures in my life. I have been through 7 phones so far (no homebrew apps, no patches, etc.) and my new Pre is arriving tomorrow via FedEx.

    Palm was very nice and offered me a 1 year warranty and a brand new Pre for all the trouble that I have been having. There is something to be said for customer service...

    Anyone else had as many issues? I'd be curious to see how many other people have had multiple Pre's...
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