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    279 46.42%
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    92 15.31%
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    52 8.65%
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    58 9.65%
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    45 7.49%
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    0, but I've only had 2 months to start breaking it.
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    zero still on my first Pre 6/16/09!
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    according to the poll most people are still on there first pre so i guess it's not luck and the people who complain and get the replacements are either unlucky or just douchbags
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    I'm rocking my OG launch Pre.

    Well,,, 2-3 weeks post launch Pre. It's over a year old, overclocked to 1 Ghz, has a few cracks in the plastico, missing USB door, power button needs to be jammed to work, and the film of plastic on my indicator middle button peeled off.
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    #3 here since september
    #1 blown speaker after 4 months
    #2 I dropped and gesture area stopped working. Nothing physical looked wrong so they gave me new one.
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    I'm on my third.
    1st one the proximity sensor didn't work and I kept dialing with my ear while making phone calls.
    2nd one software locked up and it would only show the start up logo. But it never would fully come on.
    Now I have been on my third for around 9months. (pre owner for a total of 1yr) and this third one seems to be pretty tough. I have dropped it several times on the concrete. One time I tried to catch it and actually ended up throwing it harder on the ground. It turned off (because the battery shifted) but when I removed and replaced the battery it turned right on. I have a little oreo effect after that drop. But now that my 1yr warranty has expired I have but Thunderchief 105 on it and it really runs great. I can't really complain much. I am ready for the next webos device to come out.
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    1 well idk if it counts cuz i had the pixi for about 3 months then droped it in the water O.o then got the pre and had that for 2 months so idk up to u guys lol
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    Getting #6 in 2-3 days expecting around a month before something else goes wrong... Then I'll get another refurn and so on...
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    i have had the same pre since november and have not had to change it out once
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    pre replacements for me:

    1. oreo effect
    2. usb crack
    3. someone broke into my car and stole it

    the refurb i have now is starting to act up but dont feel like replacing problem is the letter U works when it wants
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    Still on my first from launch day but it has a crack coming up from the USB door that is now barely onto the actual visual part of the screen. By the way, I treat this thing like gold and have always been very careful opening the USB port...which is rarely as I have Touchstones at home and work so how does this happen? Would I be able to get a new phone or free repair (I have ins. thru Sprint and a GREAT relationship with them)?
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    I am on my 2nd pre... 1st one had a stuck pixel.
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    I have had 3. Buttons broke, keyboard stopped working, stuff like that.
    Drove 3 hours to buy my Palm Pre on day one.
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    I am on number 3. The first one was ruined when I fell into a lake and it was sitting nicely in my pocket. The second one was ruined when my girlfriend decided to drop my Pre into a big cup of tea. (Thanks hunny) And Number three is my pride and joy... it will never leave my hands and get near water again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProParkour View Post
    And Number three is my pride and joy... it will never leave my hands and get near water again.
    Until something breaks because something WILL break...
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    Until something breaks because something WILL break...
    I'd rather have a part break than having it enter another body of water.
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    I'm currently on my second Pre and will probably head down to the store on the morrow did get a third one.
    #1: Ringtones will not sound off about half of the time.
    #2: Same as above.
    #3: I'm pretty sure the same thing is gonna occur as above.

    Looking into the new Blackberry though...
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    2 for me. first one every other button on the bottom row stopped working (xvn, and the orange one)
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    With 443 responses, the current Pre repalcement rate is: 100.2%
    Replace	Count	%	Total
    0	210	47%	210
    1	71	16%	71
    2	36	8%	72
    3	43	10%	129
    4	36	8%	144
    5	21	5%	105
    6	26	6%	156
    	443		887
    Retailers want defect rates under 5% and have a goal of under 3%. Best Buy and Radio Shack no longer carry the Pre.

    My own story is this...My Wife's Pre started rebooting every time she closed it within a week of the Lauch date.

    My first Pre started having the rebooting problem when you closed it after about 2 months. The next one made it until December when it got a crack at the USB. Now my third Pre is cracking at the USB.

    This survey is a little skewed because it is only people who kept replacing Pre's. The ones who replaced with a different phone are probably not here to take this survey. Also, some would problaby change their answer to a higher number but took the survey earlier.

    - Craig
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    Besides not doing my research i was blindly in love with webOS, when i first got the phone I thought i just got the bad quality of the bunch, which wasnt bad just i wanted better, returned it within the 30 days got another, felt exactly that same. I just dealt with it.
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