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  1. TOOLEY's Avatar
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    1st screen stop responding

    2nd software corruption

    3rd kernel fried my battery, returned phone

    4th is just fine
  2. kitster's Avatar
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    Getting a 7th (probably) this weekend.

    1st - Radio was bad.
    2nd - Ruined by Best Buy tech when installing screen protector
    3rd - Processor fried
    4th - Bad keyboard
    5th - Blown speaker (refurb)
    6th - Bad microphone (refurb)

    Oh, and by the way - I babied each and every phone. Never dropped. Protective cases. Screen protectors, the whole nine yards.
    Do I have any case to demand a new phone? I have contacted Sprint, and they have offered to give me a Pixi or a Samsung Moment.. but I do not want to settle. If I am to switch phones - I'd like an upgrade - especially for my trouble. Any suggestions on what to say or who to talk to @ Sprint?

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    Zero for me.
  4. scolab's Avatar
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    This is my second Pre. Vz sent me a refurb without asking too many questions and this one's performed flawlessly. The original had the "sticky key" problem.
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    0 here (Verizon), but the gesture area is cracked (still works, tho) and neither wifi nor mobile hotspot works at all. I'm afraid to replace it right now but I'm going to have to do something about it soon.
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    I'm hopefully getting my 6th in a few days when I get back to the states. Speaker decided to die on me on Vacation and the Camera doesn't work 30% of the time.

    Starting to wish I would have gone with something more reliable and with more than 2% market share.
    (Flame suit on)
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    Got my Pre the first day they were available and am still loving it. No problems at all.
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    If it weren't for alcohol being spilled in my palm pre being and it also being thrown out of a car window i would have been my 1st pre flawless no problems but since all that craziness I needed a replacement cuz the inner speaker stopped working.
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    I've had 4 replaced . so far. On my 5th one. Kept turning off when I closed the slide on 3 of them 4th one was virgin no mods kept locking up.
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    Wife still on her first pre and loves it.
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    Just lost power button, if it is not repairable will have to replace phone...
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    3 repairs 1 replacement, sent off the 1 replacement recently...
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    On my 5th pre.
    1. Software glitch (webos dr couldn't fix)
    2. Power button stopped working
    3. The replacement Sprint sent wasn't put back together very well. Ie. Usb flap wouldn't rotate, bad areo effect
    4. I bought the evo and didn't like it so I took it back and bought a used pre on Craigslist. The center button was flaking off so Sprint actually sent me a new pre not a refurb.
    it is working fine so far.
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  15. bjs188's Avatar
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    Still on my Aug 09 sprint Pre. Power button is..... Tempermental but works. Volume down part of rocker doesn't work. But not bothersome enough to trade in. I use device menu mega mix with volume, so I just tweak my volume with that. Kinda annoying but not awful
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    On my 3rd, all hardware related
  17. Click's Avatar
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    I'm on my 7th VZW Pre, everyone of my Pres have had keyboard issues. I've had the occasional double letter, but 99% of it was keys not responding to me pressing them. Took everyone of them into the store to show the reps and every time I walked out with a new Pre. No issues so far with this one...
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    I'm on my first, not launch day but not too much later, Pre. I pick it up over a year ago (July 9th) and have abused the heck out of it and it's still running just fine.

    I'm a network engineer where I work so my phone is with me all the time, wherever I go. It's my mobile entertainment platform, messaging center, calendar keeper, note taking platform, PBX replacement, tool. It's heavily patched and has been over clocked since the alpha days of over clocking, running 500/800 since UberKernel made it into Preware. Add my A2DP updated Icon to the mix and it's a wireless wonder.

    It's over a year old (and still performs as well as if not better than a lot of the newer phones on the market today), with relatively no Oreo, no stuck pixels, no blown speaker, etc. When it's not in my hand it's back in it's little black felt/leather pouch that came with it. Other than a screen protector it's not had a case of any kind and it's just as shiny and lovely today as it was the day I bought it. The screen protector itself is just one of the cheap one size fits all ones from Sprint that I had to cut and trim to size.

    In short, it's the best phone I've ever owned.
    Terry Rodecker

    Palm Pilot -> Palm V -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700p -> 700wx -> ppc6700 -> BB 8830 -> Pre -> iPhone (company requirement) -> TouchPad
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    0 its besides the basic hiccups that every phone on this planet has its a phone, and if you treat it like a brick it will smash like glass. People complain about phone products all the time (exp the pre) but if you go over to any other forum every other phone from the iphone 4, evo, nexus 1 droid etc has had the same issues and returns. Its a phone people a mechanical device expect flaws.
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    same launch day Pre, overclocked and dropped many times. Slight oreo and usb crack, which I stopped by drilling a hole. (usb crack was my fault, I think--noticed it after I dropped it onto concrete and it landed smack on the screen)

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