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    My first brand new Pre bought in May 2010 now has "ghost finger" making the phone behave as if it's in Demo Mode. (Not the demo mode in the ATT store). It's unusable. Today went to ATT store and they are sending me a refurb. I paid 400.00 for this outright due to good reasons I won't bore you with. I can't believe they are sending me a used phone (no matter what they say if it's not new it cannot be sold as new) B Market goods are what refurbs are. Palm and providers recycle phones endlessly this way. No telling how many phones poor Sprint people have "re-re-recycled" for Sprint. Hoping that since very few folks have actually bought the ATT GSM Pre that maybe I'll get a new one since they haven't really had time to start churning the failures thru the recycle line.
    PS: Refurbed goods that are returned to the actual factory that manufactured them and ran back down the assy line to be rebuilt CAN be sold as new. Otherwise any second rate "chop house", lowest bidder, etc., can serve as "refurb" B market recycler.
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    I am now on my 4th Palm Pre. I did ask Sprint if they would exchange for a new one this time as I have gone through 3 refurbs is 5 months...the amswer was no...interesting thing that Sprint told me is that Palm does not allow AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon techs to work on or take apart just gets sent back to Palm...I returned a one of my refurbs that had multiple issues including blotches on the screen only to get another refurb days later that also had large blotches of white and yellow on the screen the moment I turned it on...that surprised me...all they had to to do was turn it on before sending the defective Pre out and look at the screen to know not to send it out....the funy thing is I love the OS so much that I have had a degree of patience I would never of had with past devices...
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    still on # 1 here
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    still on first, but i tend to take care of my electronic equipment

    9 months and counting. sprint pre
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    on my original pre
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    I'm on my second one for both lines had them both replace volume button didn't work on both.and one wouldn't far so good on the refurb ones
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    I'm on my first which I got in February but I will be taking it back tomorrow. The power button has been broken for a couple of weeks. I first though the button was just stuck, perhaps some dirt got in there from being in my pocket but I researched it and apparently it is a known issue. I would say I baby my phones. I had the original iPhone for over 2 years before I had enough with AT&T and jumped over to Sprint; that phone didn't have a scratch on it. My wife would still be on her first pre but it was stolen a couple weeks back and so now she has the EVO.
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    I can't even imagine what this must have cost Palm...
    Oreo effect I can understand. Double type was a carrier problem (as far as I know), keyboard backlight can be fixed with the Brightness Unlinked app.

    I guess I'm "lucky," but I don't see it that way. Most I had was double type, and that was fixed with whatever update that was.
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    I'm on my 3rd Pre since late February 2010.

    1. First Pre got repaired at the Sprint store because it had a terrible oreo effect. A month later I had to swap it out for a refurb because every time I closed the slider it turned off. The volume key also did not work but it was something I lived with.

    2. Second Pre the volume key broke which I lived with again for a long time until finally every time I answered the phone the Pre thought I had earphones plugged in so I had to talk on speaker phone.

    I'm now on my 3rd Pre in a little over 4 months. Not happy and will switch to a different phone as soon as I can.
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    I am on my second Pre from sprint, and I refuse to get another one, I just want this one to work.
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    1st replacement showing up today. Phone earpiece speaker went out. Only usable with a bluetooth headset. Oreo was getting pretty bad as well. Got it new in OCT09, so....10 months?
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    Is the double type problem hardware related or software? I have a Pre Plus (verizon), and not only does it double type sometimes, but the bigger problem is that it won't type at all, I'd say that I couldn't go typing a sentence or a web address without having to retype the letter 2 or 3 times.
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    On my third one in 4 months! Worst phone I've ever had!
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    On number five. Going to the store this weekend to report the same issue to get lucky number six ordered. The external speaker blows out. It gets quiet and all "Tinny" sounding. All of my phones have had this issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post

    Still on my original Pre.
    +2. 7 months and going strong. It's my only phone line and I use it all day long for work (work from home). I normally have it plugged in, but have a spare battery for occasional needs. Have only swapped batteries...geez, I think just once.

    Meh-- I'm happy. Sorry for some of you.
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    OK, Mr Negative is back.
    I received my refurb today and I swear it's new. I can see no wear/tear on the slide rails, no scratches, the USB door was on tight as a clam, no oreo at all (I can compare it to my N95 8G) it actually seems brand new. Even the speaker grill cloth is dust free completely. I'm impressed. Sending my old one back tomorrow. If ATT does this every few months (hope not) and I get as good a phone as I sent in I can see how people might enjoy a new phone every few months.
    Wish me luck with this one. In spite of smug comments to the contrary, I do baby my phones and this one should last me a long while.
    I'm happy.
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    So I broke two PRE's in four months and swore off the brand. They both had issues with the slider.

    After suffering five months with an inferior device, I jumped back into the Palm world with the PIXI. Much better build quality.
    Loving my Pixi. Yes I am a guy and own a Pixi, get over it.

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    wow, looks like a lot of "lucky" people. maybe it's not luck? just sayin...
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    Quote Originally Posted by igobytony View Post
    wow, looks like a lot of "lucky" people. maybe it's not luck? just sayin...
    When its less than 50%, then yes, it is slightly lucky.
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