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    Technically I'm on my 5th, but 2nd through 5th were all in the last couple of weeks. Had my launch day Pre from June '09 through May '10. The camera quit working in December. Lived with that until last month when the case became so loose it wouldn't keep contact on the charger. The second time I woke up in the morning with a dead Pre, I decided to fork over the $100 to Asurion for a replacement. That's when the series of replacements started. They sent me two refurbs that didn't work. I also bought one off the shelf and returned it. Finally Asurion sent me a new one, and it works fine.
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    On the same Palm Pre.
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    I've had zero issues, got mine on launch day.
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    On my original Sprint Pre from June 09.
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    I got my Pre the week it came out in June of last year and have had zero replacements. Love my Pre!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spydrbutt View Post
    On my original Sprint Pre from June 09.
    Of our 4 pre's in the family with pre #1 receiving HEAVY use.

    Pre #1
    -unit 1 = crack in charging port area
    -unit 2 = sound quality crackly on phone calls
    -unit 3 = screen dies fading away unexpectedly (tried battery/piece-of-
    paper/doctoring to no avail)
    -unit 4 = picking it up tonight

    Pre #2
    -still on launch day pre (few cracks of plastic, not covered by warranty).

    Pre #3
    -unit #1 = crack in charging port
    -unit #2 = functioning well

    Pre #4
    -unit #1: phone internal speaker stopped working despite doctoring phone
    -unit #2: working well
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    On number 6 right now. I had my original from Oct-June and then the screen cracked, webbing out from the center button. Supposedly due to "overheating" on the charger. The next 3 came via customer care within a week's period. Problems were: Dead pixels, software errors, earpiece volume. Number 5 came from a Sprint store that was supposed to be "new" from Palm. Earpiece had horrible static. I received number 6 today. I saw the rep take from a brand new sealed Pre box and activate for me, so I'm not expecting any problems. (fingers crossed!!!)
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    no replacements here .. Orig unit from July
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    Pre number 10 on the way! Pre number 9, proved, once again, why refurbs are total garbage and never work. Problems include:

    1) a bad microphone (have to hold it to my mouth and yell for people to hear me),

    2) a bad slider (starts to actually shift off track as soon as you start sliding it. Even will stick in a partially open position with the pieces in oreo effect.

    3) gets burning hot whenever you use it (that's stock, no overclocking, no scaling). I even turned off the data when not in use, to preserve battery and reduce heat.

    4) Cannot maintain a call connection in areas where I have never had a problem.

    Trying to avoid another 2-5 hour endeavor at my local Sprint store, I jumped through some hoops over the phone and found a helpful manager who arranged for me to get a brand new Pre.

    Assuming the new Pre makes it by Wednesday at the latest, as promised, then this will have been a successful venture, saving me much time, though not all my frustration.

    Now, I have to ask myself, will I get lucky this time? Do I get to become one of the MAJORITY in the country, if not the world, who have had their first Pre since last June (or acquisition day, and are happily enjoying it? Or am I Karmic-ally destined to remain one of the minority who will keep getting every problem that exists for the Pre. If so, should I have sucked it up, made the jump to Android, and negotiated for an Evo?
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    really starting to get fed 4th is coming on monday.. it better be good Palm!!!

    1. oreo
    2. volume buttons broken
    3. blown speaker, dead touchscreen
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    Only had my pre for 3 months but no problems here. I have a new still sealed in box pre at my house because i thought something was wrong with my 1st pre but it turned out to be my retardedness so i just hang on to it just in case. Sprint never called me for the return and it has be well over the 15 days they give you to return your bad phones so hopefully I'm lucky and got a pre for free.
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    I'm one of those sad 6th pre users...

    1st one: button's stuck out REALLY far, the headphone jack stopped recognizing when you'd pull out the head set, some oreo effect and the buttons stuck WAY out... (thought it was normal until I had my 2nd unit)

    2nd one: REALLY fast battery discharge (full to empty in ~ 4 hours... without any use...) (they replaced the battery, then the unit... honestly, Thinking back on it, this might have been software), this one looked awesome... better than the 1st...

    3rd one: head phone jack issues again, significant oreo effect

    4th one (got a "New" replacement rather than a refurb) - this one was GREAT until the screen cracked out radiating up from the button...

    5th one (a refurb from Palm - after reading on here about the radiating break being looked upon as a defect if it hadn't been dropped...) This one had THE WORST oreo effect I've seen, very sloppy phone slide, and sometimes when you'd slide it open, the screen would flash on, then flash off, and stay off until you pulled the battery... The phone also was extremely sluggish at times... (seemed almost like there's a memory leak in code... or at least on MY phone... longer it was one, the slower it would run)

    6th... just got it on Thursday and thus far, it appears good...

    We'll see how long this one lasts... I really am not normally hard on phones... I've had numerous smart phones for work, and have only broken ONE of those in 4 years...
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    No replacement for me.
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    I am on my 6th pre and my problem just occurred on this one I keep blowing speakers all 6 of them. I dont play music very much but they seem to go out ever 3 weeks or so. Other than that it has been the greatest phone I love the multifunction ability
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    I got a launch day Pre, on my 4th Pre now.
    First Pre, I dropped it so that would be my fault, but it felt like crap from the beginning, crazy oreo, & it wasn't much of a fall, the phone went crazy after that. I think it should of held up.

    2nd Pre the screen stopped responding one day. Sprint gave me a new one free.

    3rd Pre the volume and power button worked sometimes, sometimes didn't, soon after vol button fell off, didn't drop it or anything. Screen went dead eventually. Sprint replaced it for free.

    The build quality on my Pre now is much better than first 2, slider is nothing like the launch day crap I got.

    My current Pre has been good but recently been acting strange..still usable for now tho. But there's no way I'd pay $100 to insurance when I can get the EVO for $200. That's why Palm need to release a new phone or at least the promise of one soon. No more Pre replacements for me.
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    Tried to get a replacement as my launch day Pre has a crack by the USB port, but Sprint said all cracks are cosmetic and not covered by the warranty. Palm customer service wants to charge me $100 to "fix" it...

    So I'm still on my 1st Pre.

    The other day I saw a guy in the Sprint store telling them that he was on his 4th Pre, already paid Assuron $100 for his 4th and that 4th Pre cracked as he tapped on the screen trying to launch an app. He told them "I am not paying another $100 for this, this is like pressing on an egg shell." By the time I left I don't think Sprint nor Assuron had agreed to replace his Pre. Poor guy had a Treo on hand, too. Seems to me another longtime Palm loyal burned by "the new Palm"'s quality issues. I wouldn't imagine that guy buying another Palm phone again.
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    I might be getting another replacement because I'm getting really bad echo problems. No matter who I call and what my signal I can hear my voice in the background...
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    Both the cracks that form around the button and the crack at the USB port are considered known Pre problems and are covered under warranty. You should insist that this is the case, and demand that they cover you. They guy that paid the $100 for insurance got ripped off. I have had two phones with the cracks and both have been replaced.

    I do recommend being very gentle with the button, and using a Touchstone or power mat instead of the USB port.
    "If you can't view and manage multiple apps, via multiple open windows, side-by-side, it's not multi-tasking, PERIOD." - Me
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    With 239 responses, Current Pre Defect Rate: 142%

    So far this is 340 replacements of 239 units.
    Replace	Count	%	Total	
    0	116	49%	116	
    1	42	18%	84	
    2	19	8%	57	
    3	22	9%	88	
    4	19	8%	95	
    5	8	3%	48	
    6	13	5%	91	
    	239		579
    Does this help show why we had so much conflict last summer? Some had defect after defect and some said that those claiming not to have problems to be lying. Some of the ones who got good phones from the start sometimes wondered if the ones claiming defects were plants from other sites.

    Retailers want defect rates under 5% and have a goal of under 3%. For whatever reason, Best Buy and Radio Shack will no longer carry the Pre.

    - Craig
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    My wife and I are both on our original Pres. Sept '09
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