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    Believe it or not, this is still the same Pre that i bought last year at this time.
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    On my 4th pre and will continue exchanging,until palm admit that the pre and pre plus does have a slider problem. (They will not admit it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    On my 4th pre and will continue exchanging,until palm admit that the pre and pre plus does have a slider problem. (They will not admit it)
    There is a slider on the phone..I don't think it's a problem..Maybe you should have gotten a Pixi..there is no slider there..
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    7 Months and 3 drops from 3 feet on pavement. Still on my original pre and running strong.

    ZERO replacements!!
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    One last update for tonight.

    So far this is 192 replacements of 110 phones.
    Replace	Count		Total	
    0	45	0.4091	45	
    1	21	0.1909	42	
    2	10	0.0909	30	
    3	10	0.0909	40	
    4	8	0.0727	40	
    5	7	0.0636	42	
    6	9	0.0818	63	
    	110		302
    Defect rate: 175%

    Again, at some point this trend has to reverse and the defect rate will start going down. Again the goal is be under 5% and ideally under a 3% defect rate.
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    I'm on my 4th Pre. 1st one made it six months, then went through 2 refurbs within 2 weeks. Now have brand new, supposedly updated Pre. We'll see. Sprint offered me a refurb Android but I chose to stay with the Pre.
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    I went through four, but not for any actual defect, it turned out. This was "back when" and my fabulous Sprint Tech guys thought that a new phone would fix the TS charging sound, since new TSs and new TS backs hadn't solved it. We all know better, now, of course. So technically there wasn't anything wrong with any of my exchanged phones...heh.
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    I am on my 7th and my wife is on her 6th pre. All hardware problems.
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    I solved my pre problem i bought a Pre Plus for Verizon called sprint spoofed my way to level 2 tech and had them activate it for me works fine i just loaded the sprint rom on it then did a reset and all was good...
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    Replaced 1 due to the keyboard failing completely. It would work for a couple minutes after a reboot and then a couple minutes after I erased it. I didn't know about doctoring then, so I don't know if that would have fixed it or not.

    I was going to replace my 2nd one due to increasingly bad oreo, but then I dropped it onto concrete accidentally and that somehow fixed the oreo effect completely. 2 months later, the slider is still extremely tight.

    Maybe palm should start dropping all of their phones onto concrete before they ship them out?
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    me 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    How many replacements have you had for your Palm Pre/Pre Plus?
    1. My original working unit - replaced by Sprints request to test/fix carrier signal issue with SMS last year (wasn't the phone)

    and wife

    1. Warranty Replace - touchscreen seperation
    2. Same problem I referenced above

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    One for me, blown speaker. Just from normal ringer use, when my Palm Pre Plus was a month and a half old. Now our phones are about 3 months old, and my husband has to return his for replacement today, same issue.
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    1 replacement for a broken power button.
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    1st pre for me. Remember, you are the only constant in all your unsatisfying relationships.
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    wow, lot's of "lucky" people. maybe it's not luck? i'm surprised i'm not on my fourth or fifth given as many times as i've dropped it on the sidewalk or street. this includes big falls from over my head. i have learned to not keep it in a shirt pocket when riding street now.
    i guess i'm lucky in that i have only two little scratches on my screen. the rest of it however...
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    Quote Originally Posted by grandebob View Post
    1st pre for me. Remember, you are the only constant in all your unsatisfying relationships.

    i love that quote. lemme twitta dat... *grabs pre, swipes to Tweed*
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    Well my vote should count for more than 1 because of my kids Pres, we bought our Pres last June and they are still going strong. This survey is not accurate because people with problems search out forums to complain and vent and plus you have to account for the PREtenders too.
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    Current Defect rate: 164%

    So far this is 225 replacements of 137 units.
    Replace	Count	%	Total	
    0	57	42%	57	
    1	28	20%	56	
    2	12	9%	36	
    3	12	9%	48	
    4	12	9%	60	
    5	7	5%	42	
    6	9	7%	63	
    	137		362
    The defect rate is a little lower now as we have gotten more results in. Again the goal is for a defect rate to be under 5% and ideally under a 3%.

    Also defect rate takes into account all vender replaced units no matter what the cause, even cockpit error. That is why even perfect products still will see a 3% defect return rate.
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    I voted 1 but I don't think it is fair to Palm. The reason I needed a replacement was that I forgot my pin and after 4 tries the phone erased as it was supposed to. I agree with the above poster that this poll, not to mention these forums, will be skewed to those who have had issues with their phone.
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