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    I Bricked my 1st my Pre...that was before Homebrew even existed, My 2nd Pre lasted from feb all the way till last month. I chipped the bottom of it, cracked open the top, broke the power button, oreo effect, but...i still had my USB Door flap lol. I'm on my 3rd currently and it's running very nicely. In fact I just overclocked it, and it's love all over again. Gotta love the Sprint Pre
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    about three from Verizon stores and 1 from Palm - because Verizon got tired of replacing the broken phones.
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    just got my first in the mail today
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    It's said that forums like these account for 5% of the total installed userbase. Even less that respond to polls like this. I wonder what the total numbers are. If mine breaks again, I am going to do all I can to get a P2. I have had just about all I can take.
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    i went to pick up my 4th replacement last night. hence the screen name. it was broke right out the bag. no call audio on either end. just crackling. so now i have to wait until monday. no offer for a loaner. if these fail so much, why don't service centers have these in stock on hand?

    i called cust. svc. to see if they'd auth a new phone instead of another refurb replacement since they come in DOA. they said they'd call me on monday to see what they could do. yah rt.
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