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    Quote Originally Posted by carkid367 View Post
    hahaha, wow i thought that i was one of like thousands... I'm on my eighth pre too. I broke two, and three refurbs went bad and two new ones bit the dust too... They call me crazy at my store, i'm a sprint rep, and i refuse to change until a new one comes out.
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    I got the Pre in Aug 2009. I am now on my 10th Pre! T replacement. This is absolutely ridiculous! 2 of the replacements are my fault - due to dropping and the power button broke. But the rest of them are due to touchscreens going out and no audio unless on speaker phone. What will Sprint do? Give me another damn refrub! This will be my 3rd refurb in less then 1 week.

    I love the Pre when it works...but when it doesn't - watch out! The coverage is great, but the Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Do you heavily use the audio jack? I occasionally get the problem with the phone getting stuck in headset mode, but a good cleaning of the audio jack usually fixes that right up. Surpsingly, I've had my Sprint Pre since Sept and its still going fine, especially with UberKernal Screenstate 500/1000 going.

    About the only other annoying issue I get is occasionally the screen will go dark and the keyboard won't light up, and the phone will hang for a minute, or reboot. But that rarely happens.
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    Still using my day 1 Pre Plus.

    Pre2/3/TouchPad, and TouchDroid user.
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    I'd still be on my first Pre (Sprint/2009) if only I hadn't lost it a few months back.
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    0 for me still on launch day june 09 pre.*

    Even though my usb door fell off, keyboard be skipping keys sometimes. Keyboard keys is peeling off. Crack under usb which is on the screen. I get yellow spots on the screen. Sliding still is tight. Phone doesn't restart right. Terrible battery life. But I haven't gave up!*
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    0 (Skill)
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    0 replacements for my 6/6/09 Pre!
    Only problems have been that the USB door fell off (kinda like this better anyway) and the power button stopped working for a bit, but Sprint fixed that up for me.
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    4th pre just showed up today. Replaced 2 for blown speaker and 1 for faulty headphone jack not letting me hear people on the other end. Sprint offered to change me over to the samsung moment but I just cant leave webOS.
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    Summary so far for the poll: How many Pre replacements have you had?

    With 538 responses:
     Replace	Count	%	Total	
    0	252	47%	252	
    1	87	16%	87	
    2	45	8%	90	
    3	50	9%	150	
    4	42	8%	168	
    5	27	5%	135	
    6	35	7%	210	
    	538		1092
    Retailers want defect rates under 5% and have a goal of under 3%.
    The Pre's Defect Rate is: 103.0%
    Best Buy and Radio Shack no longer carry the Pre.
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    My Wife and I are on our first pre's. Her's is perfect, mine gets stuck in headset about once a week (and I'm due for it this afternoon). I can usually unstick it, and the one time I couldn't and thought I was going for a replacement, the Sprint techs in Reno unstuck it in less than a minute.
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    I am on my first since Aug 09.
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    i could honestly be on at least 5, but its such a hassle to change it out and i just deal with the minor oreo, power button ect. thanks to patching or else i dunno what i would do, lol!
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    so far i am on number 9. well four of them were already broken when sprint gave me a refurb one. make sure u check them. On two of them bluetooth didnt work
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    I am on my 6th Pre.

    7/10/2010 - Crack from the card button. it was the smallest minute crack but it eek'd up from the button and caused random issues. They told me it was a known issue (along with the usb crack). Replaced with a NEW one via

    2/20/2010 - Pre was running strong but I had dropped it about 6 feet onto concrete and it hit on the end and took a massive crack to the screen (from the top with a huge dent). Still was usable but the phone would randomly shut off and tweak out. I think it's webOS brain was permanently handicapped hahaha. Replaced through Asurion. Asurion sent me a crappy non-working one with no light on the keyboard (i couldnt even get it to get past the palm screen, even tried webos doctor, but the keyboard wouldnt type. Couldnt log into my profile.

    2/25/10: Other replacement received, had a crack in the corner that affected screen tapability in on almost half the screen. Got another replacement.

    7/15/10: Headset stuck issue. I did everything on the forums, went to the sprint store, no one could fix the issue. Refurb given to me from the store after they ordered a replacement from

    10/15/10: Developed the same rainbow crack from my launch day pre, on the screen, rendered useless. Fact: no shortcuts to open up messages in the messaging app or to end calls from the keyboard. I was highly disappointed. Out of warranty, no more phone insurance as of Feb. Talked to Sprint for 45 minutes on the phone Friday, made my way to the multiple device return (MDR group). Told her my same story and she sent out a replacement. Told me since it was a weekend they would ship Monday/be here Tuesday. Well they shipped it Sat it will be here today. Which is AWESOME because I need a working phone, i cant do anything accept make calls (by typing someones name or manually entering it on the keyboard).

    So I will be on my 6th after all is said and done. I love webOS so I can deal with the issues. Just hope I can bring back all my text and things like before.
    I love the Palm Pre and I hope the retain the design and beef up the specs for Sprint!

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    Mobile HotSpot setup
    Sprint backed 3g fire in Sacramento, CA
    Preware yoked
    Customized beyond belief. I have a great phone, it runs like a champ.
    Pandora, Radiotune, uTorrent control, Sprint Nav, Touchstone packed car, audio source. You name it my phone is doing it.
    webOS is the best OS I have used on a phone.. bar none!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    A big fat 0 replacments for me.
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    Got my Palm Pre Plus (AT&T) in June. The only issue is a new scratch from the USB plug. I was inserting it and it slipped, scratching the screen pretty badly. Other than that, it is in good shape.
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    well mine just broke for the 8th time so its time to try evo
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    waiting on my 3rd to come in the mail wife is on her second. gotta say, her refurb is better than her original!
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