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    Maybe it's not the phone ....
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    Umm...maybe if you've never had patches, overclocking, et al.....maybe it's time to start and see what you've been missing I'll be getting my 3rd today (1 physical damage, 1 blown speaker) I can't's CHRISTMAS!!!!
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    I burned through 8 Moguls myself so I can relate. However, I had to be honest with myself I wasnt the kindest device owner...
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    I love how some people will immediately get personal. No it's not user error, but thanks for the post. ::troll::

    For those who are actually interested in sharing info: about four (including the one I have yet to return) have overheated, just below the battery area, and I was unable to turn it back on; two were unable to find the battery and; one went into the eternal reboot.
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    I'm on my first, my coworker got his about a month after I got mine and he just got his 5th, his wife is on her 1st just as I am. I guess it's hit or miss. You might get lucky like I and his wife did, or you'll get a crappy one. I've actually seen his problems and it's definitely bad hardware that he got.
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    Im sorry you have gone thru so many, but at least they DO keep replacing it. My son has an HTC Hero, and is on HIS 5th one, and NOT all that happy with it, but Sprint DOES keep replacing it.

    I have my Pre , one and only, since 7/23/09 and the only teeny weeny hardware issue I had was the power button stopped working, Sprint immediately fixed the button, and I have had ZERO issues since.

    Guess Im just lucky , I LOVE MY PRE
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    im on number 3
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    13 and would have been 14 if they didn't fix the headphone jack issue yesterday. I got offered a Samsung Moment for free, strongly thought about it (I am a new gadget junky, or new to me).

    I am really hard on my phones though, but my issues have all been hardware not patch related (35 and uberkernel). First few times was bad screen pixils and unresponsive to touch. A couple of oreo effects that turned screen off. Bad keyboards a few. Random power loops. The one bad speaker was my fault (dropped phone in sink) but Sprint replaced it without blinking.

    I just want something new...I havehad the phone over a year and I am itching for a new device.
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    Kind of interesting that it looks like six of the returns were due to battery issues. Could be something to think about. Maybe bad charger or out-of-spec voltages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sodajunkie View Post
    I love how some people will immediately get personal. No it's not user error, but thanks for the post. ::troll::

    For those who are actually interested in sharing info: about four (including the one I have yet to return) have overheated, just below the battery area, and I was unable to turn it back on; two were unable to find the battery and; one went into the eternal reboot.
    they all overheat in certain conditions. not sure that was an actual problem although if you let it get hot enough it could certainly cause permanent damage.

    You REALLY need to install preware and the temp monitor patches so you know when it's overheating BEFORE something is damaged. then hold it in front of an air conditioning vent to quickly cool it.

    but, let's focus on making sure you don't have any more heat issues by monitoring temps and following good practices for not generating unnecessary heat. Things like not putting it on your dashboard or in direct sunlight while driving. Not streaming music while using the GPS while sitting on a touchstone, etc.

    if you search around, you will find some really good threads on heat control, and on extending battery life. in some cases, the solution to heat also improves battery life (like leaving the gps radio off when not being used, etc).
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    since you probably can't see links yet, you can search for thread# 249541 as a start. then search for battery and temperature issues for how to solve your issues.
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    I'm on number 8 as well. I've had screen issues, oreo issues, etc. I've been offered the pixi and samsung moment in exchange, in addition to pre's, obviously. I KNOW the Pre has hardware issues, i don't care....i love everytime they offer me something new, i just say, no thanks, another pre will continue to do so as long as webos exists, and plan on sellin my ps3 for the new pre...don't game as much, and HAVE to have the new webos hotness.
  13. jwinn35's Avatar
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    I was going to be on number 5 and the third in about a week, so they offered me a moment instead this time. I'm a phone geek and never had an android phone so said sure knowing I will be seling it since anyone will buy a droid and slide right back into my pre as soon as I get my geek fix!
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    I've had 3. The first two had the same problem where the phone just stopped recognizing the VzW network. They were both prior to 1.4. Once I upgraded the software, I haven't had any problems since.

    I'll keep my Pre Plus until another HPalm hardware platform comes out. I'm also looking forward to my WebOS 2.0 Palm PAD!
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    I work in a cell phone repair shop and I see all kinds of broken phones... I am not saying you do this so do not take this as a Personal attack i am just stating something

    Almost every one who brings in broken pre's and is not happy about them i have noticed 2 main causes for this first being people who do not use a case and just slide it in to there pockets have BAD oreo also some of these same people come in with pres acting all kinds of funny random shut downs and what not all most every single one that's just put in the pocket has corrosion inside on the mother board and has a loos as hell slider mech people do not realize that when you sweat it gets in the phone and are sweat has salt and salt is corrosive as hell.

    2nd being they are all beat to hell and back we are talking chunks missing and often times they still work just the screen is cracked or the touch screen does not work any more.

    I know damn well that there are some with hardware issues but then again i think 1/2 the pres that go bad people are the cause and they just dont know it...

    Again not a personal attack just my personal experience I my self have had 2 or 3 one has a dot on the screen one had a loos slider out of the box and one was ya my fault lol it was dropped 300+ feet and detonated in to a 1000 pieces
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    I am still on my original Palm pre from Sprint.. I bought mine on day 1.. (my memory fails me) but it was June 5, or 6th.. Whichever was day 1. I have dropped it numberous times, i had to add paper to my power button (works perfectly now) but it has yet to fail me.. GO WENDY GO!!!!
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    I'm on my 6th VZW Pre+. I kept returning mine due to the keyboard becoming unusable. But that was the first 4. The 5th one I return is because of a completely disabled GPS chip. The keyboard has been completely fix with no problems typing at all! But my current (6th) Pre+ also has a disabled GPS chip. Not sure if Palm does this on purpose due to all the GPS issues VZW Pre+'s have anyways. I might send this one back too, not sure yet.
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    Hahaha, wow I thought that I was one of like thousands... I'm on my eighth Pre too. I broke two, and three refurbs went bad and two new ones bit the dust too... They call me crazy at my store, I'm a sprint rep, and I refuse to change until a new one comes out.
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    I'm on my 5th Sprint Pre.

    Problems include dead pixels and stuck in headset mode.

    I hate it.
    Sprint Love
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    btw. I've had a few replaced and I wouldn't care if they sent me a replacement every month. that's one way to keep the LCD scratch free. as long as I don't lose service while waiting for the replacement because I need my phone - but I also have older palm phones in the drawer that I could always use in a bind.

    My point is that with Preware able to (mostly) restore itself, the app catalog restoring itself, and the save/restore app to save my data... switching to a replacement is almost effortless other than copying usb contents and inserting a few email passwords.

    I haven't had huge hardware issue, but if they surface I'm confident the carrier will always replace it. They have done that with previous palm phones without hesitation. Once they talked me in to a non-palm phone because I'd had a couple of lemon Centros. After one day I knew that was a mistake and they happily let me swap that back to a centro.

    if I'm nice and just a little bit patient, I've found that carriers offer great customer service when you call them. much better than when visiting their in-store tech desk. I've never had sprint, but that has held true for every carrier I've ever had - at least 6 of them. generally speaking, I've been happy with Pre hardware, although I wish the display was a bit bigger for my tired eyes.
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