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    i wished
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    Excitement (pending update) then mad (no update). Excitement and then mad. Maybe this time there will be no anger because the update will be real and all this anticipation will be worth it. Or it could be a vicious rumor again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eps1lon3 View Post
    11:11! Wish for that update!
    I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. It will happen when it happens.
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    Don't worry, it will arrive because just today I re-installed patches, Uber-Kernel and a theme. Kind of like when I wash my car and then it rains..
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    Quote Originally Posted by eps1lon3 View Post
    11:11! Wish for that update!
    11-11-11, is probably a little more realistic
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    I really hope this is true, for verizon too. Many people like us will get angry. You wont like us when were angry Palm, you wont like us.... 0_0 But seriously I want this update.
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    So, I've got like 100 patches and homebrew apps, including Govnah and Uber. What happens if it OTA updates, and I'm not around to stop it? Will I be okay as long as I don't have any themes?

    Only asking because I'm at work and won't have access to my coputer for a couple days, and I don't want my phone bricked or anything. If that was to happen, I'd hafta wait a couple days just to doctor it and have a functional phone.....

    "It is innocent, unless found Gu1l7y.
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    you will be fine
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    Well, the update it'll come sooner or later. =/
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    What about Verizon or we going to have to wait for

    I just love how much everyone wants this update when it's really NOT a big uppdate at all.

    What we need to do is anticipate WebOS2.0 if it will ever even happen.
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    when this forum reaches 100 pages then it will be released :-)
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    lets make it 100!
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    10 more posts and it'll be there
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    Haha jk

    We know this is probably just another rumor like the other 1,000 in this thread...
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    Well, it's 11:45pm CST and still no update. Would it be at midnight on the 10th? If so, which time zone are they going by?
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    Whichever timezone that gives them the biggest window of time...
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    We want 100 pages....i mean 1.4.5!
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    C'mon 100 pages!!!!
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    maybe 100
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    w00tc0re 100 pages! Let's get there!!

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