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    I wonder if they took into consideration this bug which could ruin the experience for a hefty amount of users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    I wonder if this .1 update fixes the the improperly jailed PDK apps or is that too fast?

    I don't think they start the update without an bugfix for that, because of much more users in the USA.
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    Just wondered why someone would post to this site when they hate their Pre. After you make the final decsion that you don't like it, why not cut your losses and buy a brand X phone and fill they blog with neg comments.
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    Argh I can't wait for this to hit US Verizon. *anticipates!*

    It'd be nice if they'd say anything other than *crickets*, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    What needs to be updated? Navi works great!!!
    i was just wondering cause my brothers sprint navi on his hero got updated during his last update and it looks different then ours, so i figured everyone would be gettin it soon.

    mine does work fine though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strikerage View Post
    yes, brother. You do. Don't let anyone tell you different. It's just better to do it so you can start fresh.
    no brother you don't need to remove them. Don't you just love mis information?
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    The next 24 to 36 hours may be a lot of fun!
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    does anyone know if this update is coming to verizon the same daay?
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    Quote Originally Posted by migs View Post
    I hope that it fixes the too many cards error when playing 3D games
    +1,but somehow i think not.
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    what do you mean milo... Tell us what you know!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    what wifi issues? Been using it everyday for nearly a year with no issues.
    For me, it's that the Wifi will turn off when the phone is idle. It will refind the signal when I tap the on/off button to check for the time or just to see what, if any, messages I may have. Then all of the sudden my phone blows up with emails, etc once the signal returns. It's actually pretty annoying and has been happening more lately. I have a refurb Sprint Pre with many patches, a theme and the Uber kernal installed so who knows what may be causing this to happen.
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    @lenmac08 did you check the setting in the wifi preferences menu on this? There's a setting for wifi to turn off when the screen is off, or not.
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    oh yes, those with free time (or the truly devoted) will have their Updates app refreshed repeatedly waiting for a sign of As will I
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    Hrm...may be interesting to see how many times the server is pinged for an update request over the next 36 hours.
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    i did and it is set to stay on. Thanks though
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Hrm...may be interesting to see how many times the server is pinged for an update request over the next 36 hours.
    It's probably aready overloaded if I'm representative of other users.
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    I'm actually going to avoid it... I'm not going to update until most of my patches and the cpu scaling kernels are made compatible.
    Was a PITA last time, when half the patches weren't compatible for weeks.
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    Okay.. so we are expecting Sprint to release their webOS update later today. Anyone heard anything from Verizon?
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    6 to 8 weeks!
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    ^ Is that confirmed or just a random guess?

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