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    Any minute now.

    When is now?
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    I've just update my Palm Pre Plus to WebOs 1.4.5 from SFR carrier
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    crap better fix my camera! It runs horribly. Locks up 90% of the time
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    I took all my patches and themes off thinking the update would come yesterday...but no update.

    Yes i know about AUPT but the past updates it hasn't worked properly for me so i just pull them all.

    Comon Verizon...When?????
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    Us Sprint users are still waiting as well. It seems 1.4.5 has only been released in a couple countries so far...
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    We are all stumped at this point. This time it seems America is being left in the dust. Are they waiting for ATT? I sure hope not.
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    You could use the time to put all the AUPT-patches back now

    PS: I have a EU Pre and still no update either, palm support asked me to wait though I know it won't help.
    It didn't help the last few times and I haven't seen an OTA-update since 1.3.1
    The only thing left is a manual update with WebOS doctor...
    Update: got it yesterday
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    Ya im putting the patches back
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    tomi, I am pretty upset about the BS handball goal thing that happened! Ghana should have won that game hands down...

    And is the update out yet?! Brazil and Ghana lost today! I need good news
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    Yea Brazil lost it, I am not mad about Netherland winning, they did play a better game and kept their cool. But I was hoping for a Brazil vs. Argentina Final! Lol

    But yea, Ghana... At least they went out with style i guess.

    And yes, they should start every update with you lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bipoler View Post
    -ok I like this update however I hold a few reserves: 1) who records video with out option for video light?, 2) HORRIBLE battery life now, browsing net for 15min fresh off touchstone @ 100% I check it and I'm @ 87%!!! Ugh!,3) how to enable font through out the SYSTEM as whole, and in email( the color) who wants to manually change a color everytime.4) the browser refreshing if you access it and minimize it and go back into it it re loads what happened to "active" cards in background? 5) I wanna say I saw it some other instance but for now I do know when answering call it shows volume icon I'm assuming for the phone and my bluetooth ear piece and I have to ALWAYS increase the volume each and everytime ridicoulus
    1&4) Theres a patch for light on video mode not as awesome as it sounds. Also patch to stop reloading unactive page.
    2) Do you let it die all the way to calibrate the battery? Disable gps and http server (if you installed it). Maybe turn the brightness down? I have mine at 10% and its still brighter than my itouch. Mine goes down about that much in 15 minutes streaming video or using sprint nav or trapster. Just webrowsing should not be that bad.
    3) ??? I guess you can make your own theme or just tweek the parts you need. Still a hassle.
    5) Volume should stick for bluetooth or headset. Is it not staying? I dont use bluetooth much and always keep audio on max so I never notice.
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    so.. since we still havent see the update yet for North America, would it be possible that they release an altered version as they did with 1.4.1? Say like

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    I mean they could. I'm pretty sure AT&T is the only reason.
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
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    Sprint Update? We don't need no stinkin' update. We're Sprint Pre's!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmac06 View Post
    Ugh... For my Bday, I want 1.4.5 xD
    My bday today too!
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    Sprint has historically been very fast about delivering updates. I am wondering what could be holding up?

    Hopefully it comes tomorrow. Otherwise we will be waiting until after the holiday weekend (Tuesday).
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    Maybe Jon gave HP the remote control button, which releases the updates to us... Or got lost or battery died or boxed up during the HP/Palm merger... I hope they have their UPS tracking number to locate that box... Man you think they would have spares...
    Cingular 3125 --> Samsung Instink! --> Palm Pre --> ???
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    there's nothinh special about this update why are you guys so excited....pixi owners mabye?
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    Quote Originally Posted by semahjiscool View Post
    there's nothinh special about this update why are you guys so excited....pixi owners mabye?
    months of waiting for nothing special ... gotta love it!
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    I am really wanting this update.

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