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    I just hope that the upgrade is worth the wait, I think it's been two months since the last update, Palm has left us a bit abandoned :P
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    If you look at dBsooner's webOS-Patches Web Portal page, he has 1.4.2 listed in regards to patches. So it must be coming soon I would think.
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    1.4.2 is already out for AT&T
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    Palm, you must present an update better than very good for webOS, with the new iPhone 4 many will want to jump off the ship, the reason that holds me with Pre is the amazing web OS,and is getting older =/
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    We haven't seen any apps today, so maybe they are releasing 1.4.5 today! Of course, this depends on carriers, but i wouldn't be suprised if it was released today for Sprint and at&t. (sorry verizon users, you'll have to wait until christmas)
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    There were many apps released today.
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    no. check the web feed
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    those were released yesterday, but arrived early in the morning (like 3 PM). SO there have been no new apps released during the day
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    Downloading update as I type!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thrshr01 View Post
    Downloading update as I type!
    Yeah! and flash is in preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    Yeah! and flash is in preware.
    I just checked and it's not there! I'm going to doctor my phone because obviously my Preware is messed up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    Great post or the greatest post?
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    Update. No update that I can see.
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    sigh, it says I have app updates, manually launch app catalog, hit the shopping bag, no updates...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honis View Post
    sigh, it says I have app updates, manually launch app catalog, hit the shopping bag, no updates...
    That's how my Pre has been since about last August...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    That's how my Pre has been since about last August...
    As of yesterday I'm allowed to say that HardBeatZ will be able to help. If you pm him with your palm profile email address he will be able to find your rogue application. Just tell him you're getting this problem.
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    That's definitely nice for the people with this issue, but what I'd like to see is more Palm Profile management when logging into the "Manage my Device" page on Palm's site.

    A list of all installed apps (according to the Palm Profile) with a delete button that the account owner can utilize, as well as a separate section of all apps you've bought (even if you don't have them installed) would be a very nice expansion of the functionality, if anyone at Palm is listening...

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