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    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Viper View Post
    Yes! A Bayonetta reference! Awesome game. Or maybe you were referring to that SNL cowbell skit.

    actually yes, the cowbell skit. thankyou!
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    I have had the video camera light patch since the day we got video recording. It works great.
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    i think Palm's finally just taking it slow and is going to release good stable updates from 1.4.1x to 1.5+ to be sure as ever that there are hardly any bugs and that their phones stand up well and stable to the free radical phones on the market running BB, Android, and iphoneOS..
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Weasel View Post
    where the hell do u find this patch? Ive been looking everywhere!

    It's called video camera flashlight in the patches area in preware.
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    Still no new apps in the catalogue today. They usually start showing up early in the afternoon. Is 1.4.5 imminent?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hz-R View Post
    Still no new apps in the catalogue today. They usually start showing up early in the afternoon. Is 1.4.5 imminent?
    The same source that told me about the 1.4.5 content (it was about a month ago), also told me that the release date would be sometime in the middle of June.
    It is rare for a company to beat their release date estimates..
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    I read 'beginning of June' somewhere here. With the app catalog having no apps added, I thought something might be up. On the other hand, there aren't any big 1.4.5 rumours (which usually show up shortly before an update), so I guess you're right that they won't beat their release date.
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    well, looking past 1.4.5, when is 2.0 suppose to come out? It's been a year since 1.0.
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    Flash support? Android already got it and now is turn on webOS. Adobe promised us flash for the first half of 2010 and that ends with July.
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    Wasn't there supposed to be an update to WebOS at the end of May, or early June?
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    Yes, but you know how that goes...
    Last thing I read here on the forums was mid June. So expect June 30th.
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    damn I guess that means july for vzw users...
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    As far as I know there hasn't been ANY official statment about a new WebOS version release date.

    There has been a LOT of speculation based on past update frequency, PDK release, etc... but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $Palm$ $has$ $not$ $said$ $a$ $word$ $about$ $an$ $update$ $in$ $June$.
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    I'd be happy with about every 3 monthsw they come out with an update, then maybe every 6 months once WebOS is really in it's prime. I get my Pre all patched then have to redo everything all over.
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    It should be mid June. According to public documents on precentral it is not expected to be any noticeable difference in features and more under the hood type work.
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    Yeah last I heard is that they are going to try and make it faster.
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    and "early june" could mean anything from the 10th or 11th and sooner
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    on the email that I got from palm it said that they released the version to developers early may for two weeks to test their apps, then release to the carriers. Well the carriers probably got the update a week or two ago, so really depending on how long carriers take to approve the update, I feel like we should be getting it any day now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    damn I guess that means july for vzw users...
    lmao! That's funny. VZW,you make your people know you like that. :-)
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    Hey Guys ... anyone knows the secret details of when is the next webos update and as to what are going to be better changes .... speed/battery life goes without saying ... besides that ... any news?

    I hope with the SDK/PDK ... its easy for developers to migrate their iphone/android apps to webos ... does any one have any idea of how much complex it is ... just want to know things ... so i know what to expect in near future ....

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