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    It's here for verizon!
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    just got it on my pre plus. Starting update now!!!
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    I just checked my updates, and the 1.45 update is now available, I am downloading it now...
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    its here! im downloading it now VZW!
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    Same here. Downloading the update as I write this.... At last!
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    HOLY CRAP - it's up for AT&T as well!
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    Got it. Now let's see what it breaks!
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    I don't believe it! I'm still ****ed they lied though.
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    12:24 AM sept 14th. available in frederick, maryland. downloading it now.
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    Got it!

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    Now I just wonder if the twitter campaign organizers had inside information or if the carriers really just got sick and damn tired of being 'bothered' by their customers.
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    So sloooooowwww to download.
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    Still nothing on my Verizon pre as of 11:35pm US-CDT, but sounds like it's starting! I'm excited!
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    I'm so freakin' excited. AT&T released as well. It's my first time updating. Wow, I'm a geek.
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    2340 in Minneapolis. Downloading now. Fingers crossed.
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    Downloading here right now. Wow it's slow. I've still got to get my theme off before I can install, though.
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    download started 12:24 in maryland (EDT), Installing 12:45
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    installing as I type! anyone know if it fixes the gps problems???
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    Almost done downloading 1.4.5 for VZ in Michigan!
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    Installing. Took almost 20min to download.

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