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    I love my Pre+ (AT&T), but this is getting ridiculous. Who would want to go in the store and buy a phone that doesn't have access to the newest apps in the catalog? I realize they want to push iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch (I presume Verizon similarly wants to push Droid), but why bother carrying a phone that you're going to ignore?
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    Just curious (and I know ATT doesn't have it either), but for how much you VZW people pay, and the fact that VZW does this with all their phones..... anyone thinking of switching when their contract is up?

    I've got a couple people at work with BB's on VZW with corp discount, still paying 100 a month for a single line and I was like ***.... in our area Sprint has great coverage, and as we all know, you roam on VZW towers.....

    I know a small minority have better VZW coverage where they are then Sprint.... but I can't understand why so many stay with VZW. Seams to me it's all due to advertising and the fact that they subsidize their phones more then Sprint giving the user a lower start up cost. The customer support surely isn't there as this thread can show, and you are paying a premium to have less.

    Disclaimer: I am not attacking anyone, SERIOUSLY, just curious if this has anyone thinking about switching from VZW instead of giving their hard earned money away.
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    I'm switching to Sprint whenever I can. The problem is that I'm almost 17 and have to wait at least 16 months until I'm out of contract and old enough to get my own plan.
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    ha yeah I was thinking about it, and I asked the CSR I was talking because my speaker went out so I asked her if I could opt out of the pre+ on VZW and upgrade to one on sprint hehe she was nice but there was quite a pause there while that processed hehe
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    I would switch it's that 375 dollar early termination fee that has me.
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    The FCC has sent me a letter indicating that they are processing my request; I have filed a complaint against VZW for the fraudulent bait and switch concerning GPS. More people should file an FCC complaint against them for false advertising!
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    Seriously wondering if someone could argue not updating a current phone as a reason to break contract? I know when Sprint changed a small fee, it was legal reason to get out of your contract with just a phone call. I can't remember the exact reasoning, but if a carrier continues to lag on an update that fixes known issues while the majority of the carriers holding that brand worldwide have given the update, maybe it would be worth a shot. Especially in VZW's case, where they gave the update to the Pixi and not the Pre.... the update is the same (as far as security) for both phones.

    Here is the breakdown of carriers not on 1.4.5 as far as I know. TelCel (or whatever it is in Mexico, last I heard still on 1.4.1 I believe), ATT, and VZW (Pre only). Top of my head, 5 or 6 carriers have 1.4.5 (not counting the VZW Pixi.
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    I'll ask them about getting a early upgrade because of the GPS and lack of updates.

    Then I'll hopefully be able to switch and get a Droid X.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    I'll ask them about getting a early upgrade because of the GPS and lack of updates.

    Then I'll hopefully be able to switch and get a Droid X.

    Why don't you ask about getting out of contract? **** early upgrade, that's what they want, you are then under contract for another 2 years for a phone they will stop supporting before you are out of contract, to get you to sign another contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    Why don't you ask about getting out of contract? **** early upgrade, that's what they want, you are then under contract for another 2 years for a phone they will stop supporting before you are out of contract, to get you to sign another contract.
    Now that you say this, that maybe what V is trying to do.
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    ATT has been getting my family at this for YEARS..... Keep telling them to let their contract expire so they can get out, then one of them wants/needs a new phone. When the do it, it reups (and since they have 3 lines it's a never ending cycle).
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    Quote Originally Posted by playboy View Post
    Now that you say this, that maybe what V is trying to do. They being big wheels at VZW new about the soon to be released WebOS 2 and decided it was just a couple of months after they 1.4.5 update so they'd just wait it out instead of updating their customer twice since 1.4.5 only provided minor changes.

    Having said all that VZW, like many companies, is kinda money grubbing so if you don't assume positive intent, you could come to the other conclusion.
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    I asked the CSR about switching to a droid or BB but it's a no go. I didn't want to give the girl guff and bring out the corp clout but they need to get there act together or I'm going to tear through the I would like to speak to your managers...

    edit: yes bdhu minor performance updates but definitely the new app cat is a waste for us and a loss for the dev community... Is any one still making apps for 1.4.1?
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    I sent this to Telcel's Twitter account:
    @Telcel Y bien, ahora que ya Palm anunció el webOS 2.0, ¿para cuándo el 1.4.5 (al menos) para nosotros??!! - So, now that Palm announced webOS 2.0, when will get 1.4.5 (at least)?

    And they answered with:
    Te sugerimos consultar la información con el proveedor…Saludos - We suggest you checking with your provider

    And I replied with:
    @Telcel La versión 1.4.5 del webOS está lista. Ustedes tienen que darle el visto bueno a Palm para que la distribuyan. - webOS 1.4.5 version is ready. You just need it to approve it for Palm to deliver it.

    So, the smart*sses think I'm stupid

    People, we must show Telcel our concern!! I'm calling and everyday asking the same and the same and the same!!

    By the way, the Pre is now free with the "Mas x Menos 3 Internet Ilimitado" plan, for 18 months. Yes, the original GSM Pre :S
    Just remember: If I helped you, press the thanks button!

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    I posted this on the VERIZON forum today:

    Verizon just doesn't get it. They still think they are providing phones and that phones are all about making voice phone calls. They have not figured out that smartphones are the way of the future and that for many people, once they get a smartphone, making voice phone calls is now secondary.

    In order to serve this new and growing customer base a carrier needs to be first in supporting smartphone applications. From the carrier standpoint this means making sure the operating system is up-to-date and the interfaces between the application and the hardware (gps, camera, etc) work properly. That's really all they have to do! Generally and thankfully, 3rd parties do all the heavy lifting by developing thousands of applications that make the phones worthwhile. If the carrier does it's job then everybody is happy.

    The problem is VERIZON does not hold up their part of the smartphone support structure. Others have detailed the Blackberry experience here so let's look at Palm on the 3 major carriers.

    Sprint with the best support has the latest version of the operating system so their users can utilize all of the newest applications and security. All hardware interfaces work properly.

    AT&T is second as they are still on the previous version of the operating system, but at least they got the hardware interfaces right.

    VERIZON is dead last not only being on the previous version of the operating system, but also screwing up the interface with the GPS to the point where hundreds of GPS dependent applications do not work properly.

    If VERIZON doesn't start supporting smartphones properly, it won't happen overnight, but over time they won't be the #1 carrier anymore!

    I had an idea as I was writing this. It probably does not do much good posting this here. I'm going to look into posting a cleaned up version of this on forums that follow telecommunications stocks for investment purposes. I'm not sure that the people who follow those boards would consider this a major problem. However, if they do, and if VERIZON's investor relations department thinks their stock price might be impacted by their disregard for the needs of smartphone users, I'm sure that would get some big-time action not only for us but for all smartphones!

    I don't want this to seem like I'm anti VERIZON, I'm not. I wish them all the success in the world, but I don't see how spending a large fortune on fancy ads to sell smartphones, then giving the new smartphone customer a crappy experience by not having the common sense to spend just a few dollars on supporting the operating system is good business. If VERIZON would wake up and realize they could easily make their smartphone customers very happy by being #1 in smartphone operating system support then VERIZON would really have an advantage in the marketplace! What I want is to see VERIZON get with the smartphone program and support smartphones as they should be supported. In the long run that's the only way they will survive, because if they don't, for sure someone else will!

    Does anyone know of a good investment related forum to post a similar version of this to?
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    I'm growing more and more tired of Verizon. It's been about a month now and they can't even give us a timeline for 1.4.5 on the Pre!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    AKSD F@($@$ t[8uw qcpqivjkadsfp[x0 89u!

    Verizon is really upsetting me and I've been a long time customer with Verizon. I think it's time I start looking at other phone companies. This is just unacceptable.
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    from looking at other threads is seems like those of us with a verizon palm pre are not getting the updates yet.any idea when we might? Couple of weeks? Months?
    itreally does not affect me too much but I have tried toget several different apps in the last few weeks and ALL say I need a system upgrade for them to work.
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    My wife's Pixi Plus got the 1.4.5 upgrade a few days ago...I'm sort of confused as to why her Pixi Plus was updated, but my Pre Plus thus far has not been. Does anyone "in the know" have any thoughts on this?
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    I've never had the network issues with AT&T that so many people have complained about over the years (mainly iPhone users recently, I would guess), but they just don't care about supporting anything besides the iPhone and Blackberry lines anymore. I like my Pre enough to stick with it (a local manager offered to let me go over to a Blackberry Torch or iPhone 4 since we both have Pre devices and are kinda fed up with the lack of update), but it's just so annoying.

    Hopefully HP can give the next Palm device (2.0 I would presume) the push it needs to be successful on the networks.
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    @missedout The update is currently being rolled out. *ZC about 1 hour ago via Radian6 in reply to missedout

    awswer to:

    @VZWSupport Heads up, people are starting to head to the FCC because of the lack of pre+ updates and GPS problems.

    Verizon, "Why do you want to hurt me, why do you want to make me cry(again)!"

    edit: VZWSupport

    The 1.4.5 update is actually only for the Pixi. Sorry for any miscommunication. *ZC

    Duh I hate you Verizon
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