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    What in the world is Palm up to now?

    I just got an email with the subject line "Tell the world about your Palm phone!".

    Where it says "We hope your new phone is everything you expected it to be."

    Boy, it sure is, but my "new" phone was purchased 10 months ago....sheesh.

    Last ditch effort to stop people from flooding to the EVO?
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    They are coming up on their 1yr launch date anniversary (6/6), so they may be sending out emails like this because of that... but who knows. Perhaps the US Postal service took over your email service and now everything is delayed by a few months
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    I got one of those too, but over the weekend, and laughed it off. I figured someone was messing around during the holiday....
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    I received a email from Palm too. Hey it's a great phone and I love using it so I filled out a positive review, why not help Palm out?
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    are they only sending them to Sprint users? The only email I ever got from palm was for a survey, but they closed the survey before I tried to participate. The email looked too much like a phishing email so I didn't open I saw a bunch of posts on PreCentral about the email and survey...

    Note to Palm: You have my address... write me some time!

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