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    My gf dropped her replacement phone off the side of our bed to the hard wood floor and the power button stopped working haa.

    And she had her phone replaced for that issue.

    My girlfriend hates the Pre as she has had so many hardware issues.
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    Last week, I came home and threw my Pre into my bed, where it fell into my pillow. There was nothing hard lying in bed. When I went to pick up my phone, there was a chip on its top edge; I touched the chip, and it immediately broke off. Now there's a hole in the top of my phone. I have no idea in the world how this happened.
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    Opened mine today and it got stuck open. Now it closes but the bottom of the screen looks like its melting...
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    Consider yourself very lucky. I've never had an issue with a smartphone until I got the Pre. I had 6 replacements in 2 months. One of while fell 2 feet when I was getting out of the car and the screen cracked and had to be replaced. Phone was only 2 days old. Had another that the screen went out on after never being dropped and was only 1 week old. Can't wait to get out of this phone. Like the OS but these phones break too easily.
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