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    I am having an issue with the virtual keyboard and Sprint Nav. The VK loads and works, but I can't get it to close when I'm done with it. A single tap in the gesture area normally works, but not in Nav. I have to shut down Nav to remove it. I'd love to be able to use it in the Nav application because when I'm using Nav in my windshield mount, I don't have access to the physical keyboard.
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    Strange, mine is working as it should. How about if you do a left swipe?
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    You have to close the VK before you hit enter, I believe... the single tap in gesture area only closes the VK if the cursor is still in the text entry field that was used to open the VK.

    In the Sprint Navigation App, once you hit enter the text entry field goes away, and then you can't close the VK. Try closing the VK after typing but before hitting enter.
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