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    Ok, I have done the requisite search on the forums about this but I am still confused and unable to tether my pre using freetether. I loaded freetherd as well as freether and I cannot tether my pre to my laptop which uses Windows Vista 64bit. I can link my Pre to my laptop using bluetooth, but I can only access music on the Pre. Most posts describe using freether with Mobile Hotspot. Is that a requirement? Or can freether by itself be used to tether the Pre. And if so, is there a place that has the step by step instructions on how to set it up so it works? Thank you in advance.
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    Not sure about freetether, but why not just use Mobile Hotspot?
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    No, you do not need to use Mobile Hotspot. While many have, and you certainly can the legalities of its use on Sprint is up for debate. So far we don't think Sprint has dropped the hammer on anyone using it, but like the music industry it could happen at any time.

    You can use freetether and freetetherd to setup USB tethering -- it is NOT wireless (like it is with Mobile Hotspot).

    I have done this and it works great, plus it charges your phone while tethering :-).

    Here is a page with the general instructions: USBnet networking setup - WebOS Internals

    You have to set IP Forwarding in freetether to get it to work.

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