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    Alright so recently i purchased a Skinomi skin protector and applied it to my phone. Its one of those films that require to be sprayed down with a solution prior to application. As i applied it, the liquid went everywhere; in my speaker; in my mic; and possibly in my top power button. Once i finished applying it (took forever) i noticed that my power button would put or awake the phone from standby mode. If i held it down a few seconds later my shutdown/ restart options would pop up. I would click out, they would pop back up, for more times than i previously clicked the button. I cant fix it and i was wondering if my phone is permanently broken, or there is a way i could fix this. Please note that i have tried the usual like restarting and pulling the battery. Please respond, because i cant stand this.
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    If I understand correctly, it sounds like the power button is stuck "down" ... which causes the shut down options to keep appearing.

    One thing you can try is to just pop the button off. It just snaps into place with a couple of plastic hooks, and is fairly easy to pry off. Just make sure you do it over a table or some paper so you don't lose it ... it's pretty tiny. Quite a few folks (including me) have had problems with the button not working, and have had to put a little spacer (like a piece of paper) under it, so it's not that hard to remove.

    If the plastic cover is stuck down and depressing the actual switch underneath, then this might help. If it's the switch that's stuck, I don't believe that's fixable.

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