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    -PTI (Pardon the Interuption)
    -The Tony Kornheiser Show
    -The Steven A Smith Show
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    None, tbh. I hate sitting down listening to people yap on, one of the reasons I cut the radio out of my life.
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    I download my podcasts so battery life is fine for me.

    I listen to the following:

    Buzz Out Loud
    gdgt podcast
    Engadget podcast
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    Adam Carolla Podcast
    BS Report
    Daves of Thunder
    Spider and the Henchman
    The Parent Experiment
    Fitz Dog
    Firewall and Iceberg
    This American Life
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    Quote Originally Posted by bjs188 View Post
    how do you get this with Dr Podder? Search doesn't find it, tried copy/paste of url, no dice
    I did a google search for geek show podcast xml feed and found a site that has all the podcasts in a feed. Sorry it took so long to reply. Let me know if you can't find it I'll post the link on here.
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    A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan. Check it out:
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