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    So last night I restarted my Pre, like I do every night. I checked my Facebook and then put it on the charger after closing the Facebook App.

    This morning I woke up, the time was displayed bright and clear like always. I put the phone down on my desk and started my normal morning routine on the computer.

    Well after about an hour I went to check the time and the screen didn't load. I figured the phone was just lagging or w/ever and I didn't really need to know the time that badly anyway.

    So long story short my Mother shows up at my front door "ARE YOU OK?!?! Me and your Wife have been trying to get ahold of you all morning!"

    A bit confused and shocked I go over to my phone and pick it up. The first thing I notice is that it's warm to the touch. The second thing I notice is it's completely unresponsive. I can't get the screen to load, nothing.

    So I take out the battery, which is warm to the touch even though the phone is unresponsive (off), and pop it back in. I put it on my Touchstone and it starts charging as if it has 0% Battery.

    Whats going on with my phone? It was working fine last night.
    Why was it warm to the touch? For all intents and purposes it was "turned off".
    Should I be worried my phone is bad?
    Is my Battery Bad?
    Should I recharge my phone and see what happens or is it going to blow up in my face?

    I don't know what to do!
    The phone seems to be working fine now however it's getting warmer as it charges.

    I'm worried about it. It's never done this.
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    If you are truly worried, then I would suggest getting a new battery. You can get OEM ones for $10 off eBay which is what I do, or you can buy a 1350mAh battery for like 30-40 bucks.

    Even if it doesn't solve your problem, you will have two batteries now which is always a good thing. If this is a consistent thing then I would suggest something is wrong, but if this is the first time then I would leave it be.

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    The only thing that really concerned me is how seemingly hot the battery was when I removed it from the phone. Which was, for all intents and purposes, turned off and unresponsive. All I could think was "Why is it hot if it's not running? It's just been sitting on the desk all morning."

    I have Wi-Fi, GPS, and all that stuff disabled 24/7 unless I need it. So it's not like anything was "running" in the background. The battery heat was my main concern.

    It would be akin to taking your laptop out to turn it on and the battery already being hot. Very strange... Especially considering I gave it a fresh restart right before I put it on the Touchstone last night and it had been off the charger maybe 4 hours before my Mother showed up at my front door.
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    Ok.. well.. It's 100% charged now. It's much cooler to the touch now that I took it off the Touchstone as well. Lets hope my battery doesn't die within an hour or two and this whole thing was one big fluke.
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    or sun spots, or a full moon...
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    I've had my phone freeze on me twice and also turn off twice after turning on bluetooth and putting it in my phone case. Maybe a button got stuck...
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    I had a bad touchstone which did the same thing. I would wake up to a completely drained pre +. I think (complete guess) is that there wasn't a real good connection with between pre and touchstone and that the device just discharged completely. Maybe the Pre moved slightly so that the contact wasn't good. Anyway, when I replaced touchstone that plus the high pitched whining sound went away.

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