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    I have read threads on here of users who went through 3 Pre Plus devices in a month, some seemed to practically fall apart as soon as they got home, cracked screens, cracked USB's, melting/igniting devices, etc.

    I've had mine a little over 2 months now and it's just as good as the day I brought it home. I've been careful with it, but not insanely so. Honestly, I could probably polish it up real nice and put it back in the box and you'd have no idea it was ever used. It opens and closes just the same as it did on Day 1. I don't have any protectors on it (cases, protective film, etc), but it seems to be holding up just fine. I know 2 months isn't a long time and I've got a ways to go, but after 60+ days of pretty regular use, it's virtually in identical shape to Day 1. I just get nervous when I read some of the threads on here and feel like I should just wait for my phone to disintigrate in my hand one day.

    Any other users on here like me whose phones are holding up just fine?
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    i have an 8 month old sprint pre. still in perfect condition. overclocked, patched, themed. it is awesome
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    I've dropped my Pre a number of times, patched, overclocked, etc etc. It still works since launch day(June 6 2009). I think I even clumsily dropped it on launch day too.
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    have had my vzw pre plus since launch, have a 2 yr old at home that sometimes plays with it, and it works like it did on day 1, only faster (with overclock), with video recording capability (1.4) update, and improved keyboard (

    however, due to reading all the concerns over hardware I have read on these forums, I did purchase an extended warranty for year 2 (also since I doubt VZW will release another palm product before my new every 2 or yearly upgrade kicks in).

    but my hardware is rock solid. Atleast it is on par with all other devices I have owned. What you read on these forums are all the complaints, rarely do you read that everyone's elses pre or pre plus is just fine. No that would be boring.

    click, damn I love the sound of my phone sliding shut.
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    My Pre Plus is in perfect condition, like you, if I put it back in the box, you can't tell if it was used. However I had to exchange my phone twice due to some software issues. Doesn't matter how careful you are, if there's problem with the phone, it's not user's fault! My third Pre Plus is doing really well btw and it looks like a brand new.
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    my pre is overcloked as well but I feel that it tries to get ahead of itself and acts up. Kinda of like a little kid running with his shoe laces untied.
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    Already have the infamous crack next to usb port, otherwise, slider and keyboard is fine. No problems with overheating or touchscreen so far. I think next part to go is the power button...If Palm would provide part for power button or improve design of plastic power button, all would be fine.
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    if you haven't had issues by now, you probably won't have them.enjoy your phone!
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    Mine has been through hell. Dropped onto cement twice, only one ding. Fell onto a treadmill twice going at 6 mph. Went down on my motorcycle with it in my pocket, now has a dent in the back touchstone case. All in all, it's still in great shape. I've got a phantom skins cover on the front, that's it.

    Also, people have been saying the same thing about xbox 360s, but I still have a v1 360 after 3 or 4 years, that works great. The thing is, the few people that get really messed up devices, tend to talk about it, a lot.
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    Forgot to add, once I got the USB crack, I added the Invisible Shield. I should have had the Invisible Shield to start with...Oh well. Glad everyone else's Pre does not have a crack. I believe the plastic on the front part of the Pre Plus is not sturdy...the included touchstone cover is sturdier. My previous Treos and Centro never had these issues. Oh webOS to much!
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    I have a Pre Plus from Verizon, I would say its a launch day phone, but its two days older than that, had to return the first one for the stuck in headset mode issue.

    So far my phone has been fine, I've dropped it once and chipped off a piece on the top left corner,and little below the keypad, that's all the damage it took on asphalt while being opened, I consider it luck more than design quality.

    I have been angry and slammed the slider shut more times than I care to remember, and I feel that has had an effect on the slider and the oreo effect. I have been much more gentle with it the last month and the oreo effect seems to have lessened.

    All in all, I say no, your Verizon Pre Plus is not a ticking time bomb.
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    no problems here, day one.
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    other than the oreo twist and a scratchy headphone jack, i'm doing alright. I do have some scratches on the front of my phone but I've dropped it a lot.
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    VZW Pre Plus has the oreo, but no other problems. I wonder, does the crack come form trying to pry open the USB cover from the top, instead of sliding the phone open and lifting from the bottom?
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    My VZ Pre+ has no oreo. tight as a drum.

    if you haven't had issues by now, you probably won't have them.enjoy your phone!
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    Pre Plus from VZW Jan 25.
    No problems... dropped it twice before I got a case for it.
    No Oreo., no cracks. Upgraded, loads of patches/apps (61 at the last count).

    All's good!
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    I have a Sprint launch day Pre that's going on 1 year old now. Slight slight oreo but otherwise in perfect condition. I'm sure yours will be fine!
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    Had a tear on the LCD underneath the plastic on my first VZW Pre Plus, however the slider was perfect. Hated taking tha back) Noticed it the day I took the factory protector off to get GhostArmour. The replacement had the reset issue. Before I took it in, it fell of the bed (less than three feet) and had horrible slider issues. Got a refurb. Slidier is a bit loose, and clicks on the right side.
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    We got our Sprint Pres last June and they are still going strong, no hardware issues.
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    11 mo. old Sprint Pre and no problems.
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