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    Same Sprint Pre since 6/15/09. Looks and functions like new. I'm still amazed by the UI of webOS, "we don't need no stinking buttons" Played with EVO this morning, 4 stinking buttons on the bottom. Seems like you would need a purse to haul it around, it' big. No thanks.
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    Dude, Get rid of the phone..Its a piece of crap!!! Simple as that
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    Quote Originally Posted by dguidry12 View Post
    Dude, Get rid of the phone..Its a piece of crap!!! Simple as that
    I think you meant to post at but thanks for trolling by.
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    I've had mine for about the same amount of time as you, and mine's mint. My last phone I had for two years, a samsung flip phone, aside from a scratch or two from getting out of my car with it on my lap (a problem I solved by putting the pre on the touchstone in my car), it's in mint condition still, too.

    Some people really don't take good care of their phones at all. I know a girl that has gone through 4 of them in a year. She destroys them in various ways. I don't know if she does it on purpose, but she says it's accidental.

    Anyway, if you're the kind of person that takes care of your investments, then I wouldn't worry about the hardware self-destructing. Remember that it's only made of plastic, too. If you slam that slider hard enough, enough times, the thing will surely break.
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    Nothing but bad luck here. Ninth will be delivered soon, the eighth has a crap keyboard and its GPS isn't working at all - and I subscribe to VZNav. They all look great. I've got a friend with one, and it's tight as a drum compared to the units I've had (cracked screens from the inside, failed keyboards) - he's tried some of the units I've had and those he tried out feel like creaky old toys compared to his. Sigh.
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