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    So, my phone fell into a recliner last night and before I realized it was in there someone sat down and reclined (CREEEK) and "spidered" the screen . Phone still powers on, keyboard works fine, but I can't get it into USB mode to get stuff off of there before I wipe it (replacement phone is on the way). The screen doesn't recognize any touch at all. Center button still works. Can anyone tell me how to get it into USB mode? Much thanks.

    This will be my 4th Pre. I got a launch unit and the screen shorted out before my 30 day warranty. Second one went into a punch bowl at christmas. Third was crushed by a recliner. Thank you jebus for phone insurance.
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    Press Option + Sym + U

    The option button is the button that allows you to select the additional set of characters on the keys (i.e. press option to enter 8 when typing instead of entering a C)
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    Worked perfectly, big thanks!
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    Glad to see everything worked ok! Hope you keep your new Pre longer this time. Lol. Stay away from pools, sinks, punch bowls, and recliners ok?

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