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    I was just wondering if mobile hot spot is available on o2 UK? Also is something which is only avialable on the plam pre/pixi plus's or is this a software update so will it be available on the palm pre? or does that have the correct hardware to do perform such a task

    Thanks very much

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    im wondering the same thing and weather its free and if not what charges will be applyd
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    Mobile hotspot is not installed by default on the o2 pre plus
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    can it be used on just the normal pre?
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    the methods people used to get MHS working on non verizon phones don't seem to work on UK pre's at assuming it doesnt work for most EU pre's. When a device connects to the pre then the data goes dead on the pre and it ceases to work. I tried all the suggested work arounds (such as the one for Bell users) but still didnt work...

    oh..and it may just be me..but tethering on the pre seems futile unless you have a 2600 battery..otherwise your battery will probably die in an hour or so
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    o ok, so in theory it could work on a standard pre, but its just difficult to get it to work?

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