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    webOS, purposeful support for homebrew, keyboard, option to continue sync with Outlook. MHS, excellent browser,
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    It's compact size, real multitasking, a real keyboard, touchstone charger (own 3), universal search, navigation (Sprint) and of course, the awesome webOS community
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik767 View Post
    There are many good things about this phone and WebOS in general. That's undeniable. But the things that are wrong are so serious, that they overshadow everything that is right with it. That is unfortunate, but it's a fact. If the phone is not reliable at least as a phone, nothing else matters.
    Hi, Sputnik. I'd be interested to know what some of the overshadowing faults are in your opinion. By the way, I'm really asking, not attacking. I know how sometimes reading words may be hard to interpret, especially in a forum setting.
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