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    OK all, I searched the Shoutcast topic and there were a few threads with hundreds of posts. i just want to get some opinions and see what other people do in this situation.

    I have the Shoutcast, Broadcast radio, and Net2Streams apps, and I would rather go to my Bookmarked Shoutcast website through the regular Pre's Web app and use it there. The built in Media player handles Shoutcast much better than the other 3 Shoutcasts apps that I have.

    For instance (and this is the Shoutcast website though the Pre's Web app), when I get a call, the Shoutcast feed will of course pause and then resume when the call is over. The 3 Shoutcast app I use don't always do that and I have to start over from scratch. I don't even think there is a PAUSE or PLAY buttons on a couple of them. Also, if the stream cuts out, it will not resume. There are a few more situations where the stream cuts out and I cannot resume; whereas the Pre's media player handles it without any going back and starting over and entering the search again.

    Basically, I am just wondering what you guys out there do for Shoutcast and if you use the Apps or just go through the internet and use the Pre's media player.

    BTW, the Shoutcast Apps I have were the free ones through Preware or free from the App catalog, so I don't know if paying for the App fixes all of the issues I have.

    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    No one huh? Well to have a conversation with myself, I agree with you voltageROCK. Thanks for pointing this issue out. You are the best.
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.

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