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    A few weeks ago I got a replacement Sprint Pre when mine dropped its connection to my Palm Profile and refused to reconnect. Since getting my new Pre, and the weather turning warmer here, I swear that the new one is possessed.

    My best guess is that the proximity sensor is out of whack because the only time that I have trouble is when I use the phone. While in the middle of a call, I am switching to conference mode, putting calls on hold, activating airplane mode, switching to the contact's information, etc... all while the phone is held to my ear. Then when I'm done with the call, especially on days when its hot and the screen is covered in sweat, the screen doesn't turn back on when I pull the phone away from my ear.

    Roughly, where is the proximity sensor located? I want to first try being more mindful of where this is and try to keep the area clean to see if that is the problem before I take more extreme measures to fix this annoyance. What else could I try to do to fix this?
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    Are you sure the screen didn't just time out while you were on the call? Just hit the on button to wake it back up.
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    It's under the plastic just to the right of the earpiece. It could only be seen at certain angles and only when the sun is shining on it.
    You could test it by going to:
    >Device info
    >Interactive tests
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    Are you using a screen protector or skin? They can sometimes interfere with the sensor if placed on top of it.
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    A couple of threads on this:

    Run the Interactive Test, specifically Screen Tests, see if your Proximity Sensor is working properly.

    Go to Device Info app - preferences - tests - interactive tests

    Choose Screen Tests.
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    Thanks for the directions to the testing utility. Confirmed that the proximity sensor is having problems and sent results to Palm. I'll just finally give in and get a bluetooth and see how that goes before deciding whether I want to actually get it replaced...unless there is some sort of magical fix that comes out in the mean time.

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