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    Hi All,

    I was wondering this last week too and arrived at the £305 option after talking to a range of 02 reps....

    I think I'm right to assert that ebay only currently has AT&T from the states - which doesn't give you 3G but would be cheaper than the above.

    So right now I'm torn between dolling out or waiting for some pluses to turn up from UK sellers on ebay....

    As for why upgrade? well my pre is on its last legs, partly due to crap build quality and partly because I dropped and cycled over it....the on/off power is buggered, the flap on the usb has gone and despite being overclocked i'm still getting the too many cards error.....

    Other than that - webOS rules.

    (oh and what do people think the chance of some new hardware soon are?)
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    What's the number to call?
    Can't wait for my Pré!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 60milesmile View Post
    (oh and what do people think the chance of some new hardware soon are?)
    Not great in my opinion. Nothings been announced or really rumoured and rumours usually preceed the release by at least a few months. Things could be just quiet until the HP buyout but then HP`s biggest concern is webos, not the mobile market. Dont get me wrong, I believe new hardware is on its way but I wouldnt expect it in the next 6 months personally
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